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Sewing & Embroidery Projects

We’ve all been there! You’re all fired up and excited to sit and embroider but the ideas are just not flowing. It’s like an artist and a blank canvas. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start or what to do and if we are honest this is more of an obstacle to embroidery success than learning how to use your machine. 

Let us help you get started! We've created some fun and creative projects that you can easily follow. Brighten up your home with these inspiring sewing and embroidery projects.


We’ve had countless conversations over the years where customers have blamed a perceived lack of technical knowledge for not really getting the most from their machine but it’s frequently a combination of a lack of ideas and being scared to push buttons. Both are easily overcome.

There are hundreds of ready made items that can easily be embellished with embroidery, whether it’s directly stitched or a freestanding design like lace that is attached after it’s stitched. 

Think cushions and other home furnishings, hand bags or tote bags, towels and pillow cases, kids toys and even pet accessories. Or free standing seasonal decorations for Christmas, Easter or Halloween. Why not use embroidery to personalize special occasion greeting cards. Create a beautifully themed dinner table setting using ready made place mats and coasters. 

The point is that you don’t need to start a long drawn out project to achieve amazing or more importantly, functional and rewarding results with your machine. If you’re stuck for ideas try typing “quick machine embroidery projects” into a Google image search or for even more detailed information jump on Pinterest. You’ll discover a treasure trove of pictures and creative ideas.