Overlocker and coverstitch machines

At Echidna we offer a variety of overlocker machines from leading brands in the industry such as Brother, Baby Lock, Juki and Merrylock. With overlocker or coverstitch machines available, you can find the right machine to suit your budget, skill level and aspirations. Take your pick from our wonderful selection and start your overlocking journey today!

Baby Lock

Baby Lock specialise in domestic overlockers with functionality and ease of use as their main priority. Featuring innovative technology, Baby Lock overlockers eliminate any frustration when threading and adjusting tension, making them extremely easy and enjoyable to use. We’re proud to stock a range of Baby Lock machines and accessories and are committed to helping you find the right machine for your needs.

Not sure which is the right machine for you? Check out our Baby Lock comparison guide to help determine which machine is best suited to your needs. View guide →


Juki is a leading brand in domestic overlocker and coverstitch machines. Echidna offers a selection of these high-end quality machines and can help you find your perfect overlocking companion. This highly respected Japanese brand features brilliant technology with electronic air threading and automatic needle threading. Experience quality and master your overlocking skills with a Juki machine.


Merrylock specialises in developing and manufacturing high quality overlocker and coverstitch machines. With innovation technology and valuable experience, this industry leading brand features machines that will give you a quality overlocking experience.


Brother is a leading brand in the industry and offers a quality selection of overlocker machines. Featuring advanced technology and a range of features, one of these machines will be your overlocking companion and help you take your projects to new heights.