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Embroidery software and fonts

If you love to alter, design and digitize your own designs, we have many embroidery software options to suit any skill level. With a large range of software products from brands like Embrilliance, Hatch, Buzz Tools, Brother and Perla, there is something available to satisfy your creative needs. Our software range features different modules and levels, so you can grow your skills gradually, all the way up to advanced digitizing. You can create designs that you've always dreamed of using these embroidery software products.


Embrilliance embroidery software and fonts will have you designing and digitising in minutes, no matter your skill level or experience. With a range of software products and levels to choose from you can tailor an embroidery software suite to suit your needs. Building your suite is easy - simply download the free foundation program, Embrilliance Essentials, then add a serial number to upgrade the modules you want to use. All of the features and upgrades you purchase will appear in the one Embrilliance program. The generous software licence means you can run it on as many computers as you need. You can even mix and match between Mac and Windows.

We support Embrilliance with software trials, user guides and regular updates. If you're unsure what level of Embrilliance suits your needs, call us on 1800 000 360—we're here to help.


Hatch is a powerful embroidery software suite that won't overwhelm you! Including 4 levels—Organizer, Personalizer, Composer and Digitizer—it is the latest release from Australian company Wilcom, a global leader in embroidery software solutions.


Hatch gives you the essentials to edit, customise and auto-digitise designs as well as carry out monogramming and lettering, while its higher end products provide a comprehensive range of digitising options so you can achieve professional results.

Looking to upgrade from previous versions of Hatch? View the available upgrade options.

Buzz Tools

Brother software


BX Fonts


Choose The Right Software For You

What’s right for you? Do you need it at all? With so many amazing embroidery software programs to choose from it’s hard to decide on what’s right for you, or even if you need software at all. Echidna is very proud to offer a wide range of world class products with each one boasting its own unique...

Embrilliance Module Checklist

Keep track of your Embrilliance software using our Embrilliance Module Checklist! Use the checklist to mark which Embrilliance modules you have activated on your computer, so you know which ones you already have, and what you might need to get in the future! Download Embrilliance Module ...

Embrilliance Software Comparison

Embrilliance Essentials is the core platform of the Embrilliance Suite of software that works brilliantly on Mac and PC. Start with Essentials and grow your software suite to suit your needs with feature packed add-ons like Alpha Tricks/Font Mapper, Density Repair Kit and Enthusiast. Or, forget ...

Embrilliance StitchArtist Comparison

With StitchArtist software you can create incredible machine embroidery designs. Easy and intuitive to use, StitchArtist is available in 3 levels to suit your skills and needs. When you’re ready to advance, simply upgrade between levels! Use our comparison chart below to find the level suitable ...

Hatch Software Comparison

Hatch embroidery software includes four levels; Organizer, Personalizer, Composer and Digitizer. The levels vary in features, and are perfect if you are learning and want to start at a lower level and upgrade as your skills grow. Below is a chart which allows you to ...

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