Embrilliance embroidery software

Embrilliance embroidery software and fonts will have you designing and digitising in minutes, no matter your skill level or experience. With a range of software products and levels to choose from you can tailor an embroidery software suite to suit your needs. Building your suite is easy - simply download the free foundation program, Embrilliance Essentials, then add a serial number to upgrade the modules you want to use. All of the features and upgrades you purchase will appear in the one Embrilliance program. The generous software licence means you can run it on as many computers as you need. You can even mix and match between Mac and Windows.

We support Embrilliance with software trials, user guides and regular updates. If you're unsure what level of Embrilliance suits your needs, call us on 1800 000 360—we're here to help.

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Return Policy 

We want you to be happy! That is why we do not have a 'no-questions-asked' return policy. Simply email us at support@echidnasewing.com.au. We will ask you why you need to do a return, as the reason is usually lack of product knowledge or the features desired are from a different Embrilliance title. We will work with you and even exchange the product to try to get you the features you need.

If you really cannot use our product effectively, we will return it within 90 days. Let us help you - it is so much more fun - and that's why so few people ever want a refund from Embrilliance. We notice we are the only ones in the entire industry to offer this. Why? Simple: Everyone comes here when the other products let them down.