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Trade and Wholesale Pricing

At Echidna, we recognize the changing nature of small business and we are very aware of the increasing trend in operating home based businesses, which are sometimes not recognized by various suppliers.

We are happy to offer qualifying small and home based businesses access to our trade price list. But first we do need to establish eligibility before we approve your application.


  1. Have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  2. Operate a business producing embroidered apparel or goods for resale
  3. Purchase and maintain a Platinum Club Membership
  4. You intend to consume or decorate our products before resale (eg. use stabilizers or embroider blanks)

How to Apply

To apply for Small Business Trade pricing please fill out the online application form

Note: Provision of Trade pricing is solely at the discretion of Echidna Sewing Products and may be withdrawn without notice. Applications are processed during business hours only. 

Benefits Include

Once you have been approved for the Small Business Trade Pricing or Wholesale Dealer Pricing you will see discounts made available to you via the online shop, in-store or by phone. These discounts include a range of different products, primarily consumables. 

Wholesale Dealer Pricing

If you're intending on reselling our products through a physical shopfront and interested in wholesale pricing please call us on 1800 000 360.