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Hatch is a powerful embroidery software suite that won't overwhelm you! Including 4 levels—Basics, Customizer, Creator and Digitizer—it is the latest release from Australian company Wilcom, a global leader in embroidery software solutions. Hatch gives you the essentials to edit, customise and auto-digitise designs as well as carry out monogramming and lettering, while it's higher end products provide a comprehensive range of digitising options so you can achieve professional results.

Experience the incredible capabilities of Hatch embroidery software for a full 30 days for free. Download your trial at this link, exclusive to Echidna. Should you decide to purchase in the future you’ll receive a select range of exclusive bonuses including access to training systems by John Deer.


This digitizing software comes in 3 options - Perla 2200, 8800 and Premium. If you own Perla software, be sure to update it to the latest version regularly. Once the you've installed the update, open your Perla software and select Help > About from the menu. The update (build number) will appear to the right of your version to indicate what build you are now on.


Embrilliance Essentials OZ Edition uses one download to cover all Embrilliance modules in the Embrilliance suite including Express, Essentials, AlphaTricks, Enthusiast, Density Repair Kit and StitchArtist. Simply download and install the correct version for your computer operating system.

To access additional Embrilliance modules, you'll need to upgrade by purchasing them in our online store. Some features mentioned in the user guide will only available when you have upgraded to another package.

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If you purchased the original B.L.E.S. or Density Repair Kit software, downloading and activating this software will update these programs to the Embrilliance OZ Edition interface. Before you install this update you'll need your original serial number/s, located inside the DVD case your software was shipped in. Once installed your B.L.E.S. or Density Repair kit will be recognised as a 'feature pack add-on' to Embrilliance Essentials. Both programs will work from the same interface.

When you've installed Embrilliance, open it, select Help > Serial Numbers and enter your original serial number. If you're only updating 1 program click Set, then Done. If updating both programs click Set after each serial number is entered, then click Done.)


Generations update (zip, v 1.6 build 2438)