Hatch embroidery software

Hatch is a powerful embroidery software suite that won't overwhelm you! Including 4 levels—Organizer, Personalizer, Composer and Digitizer—it is the latest release from Australian company Wilcom, a global leader in embroidery software solutions.


Hatch gives you the essentials to edit, customise and auto-digitise designs as well as carry out monogramming and lettering, while its higher end products provide a comprehensive range of digitising options so you can achieve professional results.

Looking to upgrade from previous versions of Hatch? View the available upgrade options.

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Choose the right software for you

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Hatch Software Comparison

Hatch embroidery software includes four levels; Organizer, Personalizer, Composer and Digitizer. The levels vary in features, and are perfect if you are learning and want to start at a lower level and upgrade as your skills grow. Below is a chart which allows you to ...

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Upgrading your Hatch Embroidery software

Want to add more tools and features to your Hatch Embroidery software? Contact us to find out about upgrading to a higher software level and unlock even more creativity.

Upgrade from Version 1 to Version 2

Upgrade from Basics to Personalizer $145.20 Upgrade from Basics to Composer $510.40
Upgrade from Basics to Digitizer $1,388.20 Upgrade from Customizer to Composer $437.80
Upgrade from Customizer to Digitizer $1,315.60 Upgrade from Creator to Digitizer $730.40


Upgrade within Version 2

Upgrade from Organizer to Personalizer $145.20 Upgrade from Organizer to Composer $510.40
Upgrade from Organizer to Digitizer $1,388.20 Upgrade from Personalizer to Composer $364.10
Upgrade from Personalizer to Digitizer $1,241.90 Upgrade from Composer to Digitizer $876.70