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Learn to Quilt

If you're learning how to quilt and need that extra support or guidance, we can help! Become an expert using our educational resources such as videos, projects, classes, books and more.

How to use a patchwork ruler

Learn how to use these handy tools to cut fabric accurately. We break down the basics, showing you how to choose the right ruler, read measurements, and cut various shapes like strips, rectangles, and triangles.

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Learn patchwork piecing

Learn about different fabric terms and pre-cut options, and discover essential tools and techniques for precise stitching.

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Create a patchwork square

Patchwork is a term that describes the method of stitching patches of fabrics together to create a design. Your fabric will come to life as you cut them into blocks and stitch together to create a new block.

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Squaring up patchwork blocks

Learn the art of precision in patchwork with Rachael as she delves into the importance of squaring up blocks. In this insightful tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to measure and trim blocks to ensure uniformity, essential for achieving a flawless quilt.

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Sandwich & baste a quilt

Whether you're a seasoned quilter or just starting out, mastering the art of sandwiching and basting is key to achieving a flawless finish for your quilts. Learn how to to properly layer and secure your quilt, following a spray basting technique which we always find to be a quick, easy, and effective method. Plus, we'll share insider secrets for achieving smooth, professional results.

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Bind a quilt

We briefly discuss two techniques that can be used for creating the binding, however there are no hard or fast rules for either method. Our demonstration showcases the process of binding your quilt from the back to the front using machine stitching.

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Try a free project

Let us help you get started! Try our fun and creative free quilt projects to dive in and start making a variety of creations. Whether it’s for yourself, your home or a gift, these projects are a great way to get started and get your ideas and inspiration flowing.

Project books, CD's and downloads

We have a huge variety of quilting projects for those at a beginners or advanced level. Choose from our selection and start quilting today!

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