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How to bind a quilt

Crafting the binding is a crucial part of finishing your quilt. Our instructional video demonstrates the technique of using machine stitching to bind your quilt. We briefly discuss two techniques that can be used for creating the binding, however there are no hard or fast rules for either method. Our demonstration showcases the process of binding your quilt from the back to the front using machine stitching.

Once you understand the process of creating binding for your quilt, it becomes straightforward and effortless. This demonstration follows a series of steps which include cutting, joining strips, ironing and pressing seams, and stitching the binding onto your quilt using your sewing machine.

Once the binding process is done, the quilt top is successfully finished! There might be a need for a minor trim of threads, but don't worry, it's a simple task.

Tip: When attaching the binding to your quilt, use a slightly wider seam if need be.

Tools required:

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