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A 100% felted wool pressing mat is a great addition to any sewing room. It provides a unique non-slip pressing surface suitable for both steam and dry pressing. 

  • The wool has a natural ability to absorb and hold heat pressing fabric from both sides
  • Has a generous and dense thickness of 15mm, allowing for easy and successful pinning while also minimising heat transfer to the surface it's laid on
  • Seams sink into the fibers in the mat as they are pressed and eliminates surface markings
  • Its compact size is ideal if you have limited studio space
  • 15" x 15" (38cm x 38cm)

Wool has long been used in conjunction with ironing systems in both industrial and domestic applications. 100% felted wool has tremendous heat absorption properties without burning or melting and makes an ideal pressing surface for both dry and steam irons. 

Embroiders will enjoy the unique properties of the felted mat as the wool assists with settling puckering by heating the fibres from both sides. These mats are perfect for pressing out the embroidery block. The woollen texture also serves to hold fabric in place preventing a loss of shape while pressing. The thickness of the mat allows for easy pinning when blocking projects. 

The Echidna Pressing Mat has a thickness of 15mm (almost 5/8”) which enhances the double-sided pressing effect while minimizing any heat transfer to surface under the mat. A convenient size of 38cm x 38cm (15” x 15”) makes it perfect to leave on any work bench. 

Barcode: 785459687810

Pressing Mat

By: Glenys on 30 March 2023
so glad I decided to purchase this mat as it lives up to its claims.

Wool Pressing Mat

By: Bronwyn on 2 February 2023
Excellent product and easy to use

Love it

By: Anne on 2 October 2022
I have been wanting a wool pressing mat for some time and when I came across this one, reasonably priced, I decided to try it out. I had read reviews of different wool mats and a lot of them said they had a very 'woolly' smell to them, not this one. The mat is a real-time saver, seams lie flat and stay flat quickly with the added heat trapped in the mat. I would highly recommend to any quilter.

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