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Learn to ScanNCut

Enjoy your Brother ScanNCut and it's capabilities using our educational resources. You can find videos, projects, classes and more to help you perfect and master your scanning and cutting skills. Once you get started, you won't want to stop! 

Beginner's ScanNCut Virtual Series

Is your ScanNCut still in the box? Not sure where to begin? Dust off the box and learn to scan, edit and cut! Beginner's ScanNCut is a series of 5 self-paced lessons designed to take you through the fundamentals of the ScanNCut machine. During this series, you will create 3 projects where you learn to edit, adjust settings, scan and cut. You will master new skills and practice hands-on techniques with our guidance.

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Beginner's ScanNCut CM Series also available for those who own a CM model →

ScanNCut: Working with fabric

Did you know you can cut fabric with your ScanNCut machine? The options vary depending on which model of ScanNCut you own, but they all have the capabilities to do it! This short course is for owners of the CM & SDX models and focuses on cutting fabric. It includes four educational videos where you will be shown different methods on how to work with fabric, learning new skills and mastering fabric cutting.

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Virtual Classes & Events

Learn online with our virtual classes & events and receive expert knowledge and education. Through video content, your teacher will guide you through the class, just like in a classroom. Attend these events from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

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Canvas workspace

Brother’s Canvas Workspace is a free, cloud-based web application that offers a huge range of ScanNCut projects and allows you to enhance or create your own original cutting/drawing designs. Sign up today and start creating beautiful projects!

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Free SVG Designs

If you've been on the hunt for SVG designs or are looking for ideas and inspiration, check out our free SVG designs! Download these designs for free and expand your project library.

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Try a free project

Let us help you get started! Try our fun and creative projects to dive into your ScanNCut craft and start making a variety of creations. Whether it’s for yourself, your home or a gift, these projects are a great way to get started and get your ideas and inspiration flowing.

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ScanNCut Articles

Learn something new and master your paper cutting with our free ScanNCut articles. Packed full of information and resources, you might find a fabulous new skill to use with your project creating!

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Useful ScanNCut Resources

Do you own a ScanNCut cutting machine and want to unleash your creativity but not sure where to begin? There are so many projects, settings and apps to explore. Don't panic! We have compiled a list of helpful resources for you to get the best out of your ScanNCut and your imagination.

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Shop Cutting Craft Supplies

Are you looking to start your craft journey? Or maybe you're onto your next craft project? We've got you covered! We offer a fabulous selection of cutting craft supplies so your creativity has no limits.

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