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Date Posted:15 December 2023 

If you own a ScanNCut cutting machine, you'll know there are thousands and thousands of creative projects just waiting for you to try, as well as settings and apps to play with. Don't worry! We're taking the stress out of knowing where to start and what to do. We have put together a list of useful resources so you can make the most out of your ScanNCut and your creativity! 

Brother ScanNCut Machine Updates

Machine Updates

You can download a user manual and the latest software updates for your machine from the Brother website. You'll need your machine's model number to locate the correct page for your machine.

Check for updates →
Brother Support Center

Mat & Blade Selection

Use Brother's SupportCenter App to get help selecting the right mat and blade combination required for your chosen project's material.

Download SupportCenter →

Additional links
View web version of selection guide →

Brother Canvasworkspace

Brother CanvasWorkspace

A FREE, cloud-based web application from Brother that allows you to enhance or create your own original cutting and drawing designs.

Go to CanvasWorkspace →

Additional help
CanvasWorkspace manual →
CanvasWorkspace common FAQs →
How to transfer files to my machine →

Brother ScanNCut Project Books

Brother Project Books

Get inspired by these Brother Project Books, which include instructions on how to create things like cards, boxes, ornaments, cushions, pouches, and more! Gifts, general crafts, and home decor - these books have it all. 

View Project Book 1 →
View Project Book 2 →
View Project Book 3 →
View Creative Crafts Book →
View Disney Project Ideas Book →
Brother Pattern Collections

Pattern Collections

Brother pattern collections allow you to expand your library, giving you more and more opportunities for creativity and creating unique projects. These packs work in CanvasWorkspace and are perfect for paper, heat transfer vinyl, sticker projects, fabric, and more.

View all Brother Pattern Collections →

Additional help
Purchase Brother Pattern Collections →
How to activate pattern collections →

Brother ScanNCut Accessories


Explore the possibilities and broaden your creative horizons! The ScanNCut range has so much to offer like paper piercing, foil transfer, rhinestone kits, and more. Dive into something new on your ScanNCut and get creative!

View all ScanNCut accessories →

Additional help
View accessories compatibility guide →

ScanNCut Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes

Attend more of our online classes and receive expert knowledge and education. Through video content, your teacher will guide you through the class, just like in a classroom. Attend these events from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

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