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Embroidery Blanks

A blank canvas is an exciting project for someone who loves embroidery. A simple garment, piece of clothing or plush toy can be made into something special with just a touch of embroidery. Whether you personalise it or make it unique in some way, it’s not only a great project for you but makes a wonderful gift for someone special. At Echidna we offer a mixture of embroidery blanks such as cushion covers, Embroider Buddy plush toys, tea towels, baby bodysuits, aprons, tote bags, caps & hats and more! Choose from our high quality range and keep on creating gorgeous projects.

Embroider Buddy

After many years of research, Embroider Buddy developed a successful line of embroiderable quality plush toys. Their simple, innovative design led their products to become popular among the embroidery industry. With a large area to embroider and stuffing that can be removed and re-inserted easily, Embroider Buddies are the perfect gift to personalise for yourself or someone else. Plus, with a huge variety of adorable characters, there’s one to suit everyone!

Download the Embroidery Buddies PDF catalogue featuring our current range of Embroider Buddies.

Garments and Textiles

Garments and textiles are without a doubt a pretty important aspect of sewing and embroidery. At Echidna, we feature a wonderful range of these products, from reputable brands like Kimberbell. With tea towels, baby bodysuits, aprons, tote bags and more, you can choose to create your projects with any of these high quality garments/textiles.

Caps and Hats

Whether you’re looking for just a plain hat or one you can add embroidery to, we’ve got a great range of good quality hats and caps available! In a variety of different colours and styles, you can personalise these to your liking with some awesome embroidery.

Embroider Buddy Care

With the amount of love our Embroider Buddy stuffed animals get from toddlers and kids who take them everywhere from the bedroom to daycare, on holidays, road-trips and more it’s inevitable that they’ll need to be washed and freshened up from time to time. Embroider Buddy stuffed animals are mad...

Toy Safety

Our new range of Embroider Buddies have been a huge hit with hobbyists and small business owners alike. They are cute, easy to embroider, and kids love them. We've had customers ask a couple of great questions Are the EBs safe for babies and small children? And are business owners liable ...