Online education

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When it comes to quality education and inspiration for sewing and embroidery, there has never been so much available. With thousands upon thousands of online videos covering every manner of subject from embroidery techniques to learning to digitize to how to insert a zip, everything you want to know will be available online.

Benefits of a video learning
Watching a video is like sitting in a classroom, but better! The ability to pause and rewind or simply watch it again at your leisure means you won’t miss a thing. You certainly can’t pause a presenter in the middle of a hands-on classroom.   

Free verses paid for videos
Either option works but sometimes opting to pay for a subscription is a convenient and faster way to find exactly the content you’re looking. Generally, the paid for subscriptions will have a more professional production quality but not always.

Free content – how to find it?
Obviously browse our website or our YouTube Channel but also don’t be scared to simply search YouTube for what you’re looking for. For example “How to embroider a towel”. There will be hundreds of videos on the subject with some better than others but you’ll soon learn to pick the best ones. Access our video tutorials  →

Paid for videos 
It’s usually easier and certainly quicker to find exactly what you want to know by opting to purchase a video lesson from companies like Craftsy. They’re not overly expensive but are very professional and usually presented by an acknowledged industry expert.

Paid for Subscriptions from $150 per year
If you’re a keen learner, then a subscription with an online video education provider like Bluprint (by Craftsy) might be a great solution.  A small monthly or yearly subscription fee means you have total access to all video lessons across all manor of lifestyle topics including Sewing, Embroidery, Quilting, Textile Crafts, Paper Crafts, Photography, Cooking, Cake Decorating, Home Decorating, Woodworking and so much more. We recommend Bluprint as perhaps the best value education available.