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What is the right embroidery software for you?

What’s right for you? Do you need it at all?

With so many amazing embroidery software programs to choose from it’s hard to decide on what’s right for you, or even if you need software at all. Echidna is very proud to offer a wide range of world class products with each one boasting its own unique credentials. The truth is that some advanced embroiderers use far more than one program but for most, choosing the software that best suits your needs can be a lottery. 

  • We can help you decide by simply asking questions like.... 
  • What level of computer skills do you have?
  • What embroidery skills do you possess?
  • Do you want to create your own designs?
  • Do you want to edit existing designs?
  • Do you embroider a lot of lettering?
  • Are you a Mac or PC user?
  • Have you ever used graphic software before?

The more we understand about your embroidery journey, the better we can assist in choosing the right software. Sadly, I have personally spoken to countless customers over the years who have unnecessarily spent thousands of dollars on software to only ever use it to transfer deigns to their machine. Or they have purchased a full digitizing suite when all they needed was basic customizing software. Or even worse, they didn’t need software at all.

All the products we recommend offer various levels or modules at affordable prices and we think it’s important that you don’t spend money on levels that you are unlikely to use. You can always add more features in the future if the need arises.

Which brand suits your machine?

These days, almost all embroidery software is what we call brand neutral, so it doesn’t matter what make of machine you have. For example, if you love the idea of high quality photostitch designs then the Brother PE Design 11 is well worth looking at but you don’t need to own a Brother machine. 

Will your old software work with a new machine?

Most likely it will but check with us if you’re unsure. Sometimes the only reason you may need to change or upgrade software is simply to get your hands on the latest technology and features. It’s true that software technology never stands still and what was new last year can be old hat only months later. 

More education available

Embroidery software is perhaps one of the biggest beneficiaries of the rise of YouTube. There are thousands of free and paid-for videos online dedicated to teaching home embroiderers how to use their software and covering virtually any brand you can imagine. It’s incredible and you can access them 24/7.


Hatch by Wilcom

  • Developed by Wilcom (an Australian company) for the home market
  • Already the software of choice for thousands of embroiderers around the world
  • The all-new Hatch V3 is available in a modular or full suite option
  • Works with all brands of machines

Learn more about the different modules from Hatch→


  • An easy-to-use suite of 8 embroidery software modules
  • Runs on MAC or PC
  • Offers basic customizing through to advanced digitising
  • Grow the suite by adding only the modules that you need
  • Works with all makes of machines
  • Thousands of online video tutorials plus the support of Echidna
  • A popular choice for hobby and small business embroiderers

Learn more about the different modules from Embrilliance →

Brother PE DESIGN 11

  • Widely regarded as having the industry’s best photostitch.
  • All-new Version 11 boasts 54 scalable automatic quilting background designs
  • Compatible with all makes and models of machines.
  • Version 10 to 11 Upgrade available

Buzz Tools

  • A suite of easy-to-use programs including BuzzSize, BuzzEdit, BuzzWord, Buzz2Stitches and BuzzXplore
  • Most popular program is BuzzXplore for its simple but effective design cataloguing and conversion system
  • Compatible with all brands of machines