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Designed for beginner and experienced digitizers, Hatch Digitizer V3 combines all of the V1 and V2 module features with vast enhancements and improvements, plus world-class manual digitizing and applique tools. Experience powerful editing options, multi-hooping, sequencing, monogramming, lettering & mapping, resizing, recolouring, sample designs and so much more.

With Digitizer V3, you have the ability to achieve professional quality embroidery results every time. Enjoy true manual digitizing, turn photos into memorable embroidery, try redwork for creating simple artistic designs, combine multiple objects into one and use the 108 professionally digitized fonts for lettering.

New & improved features:

  • Hand Stitch effect to achieve designs with a more natural, vintage, homemade feel
  • Reef PhotoStitch converts images to detailed designs with a style reminiscent of a coral reef
  • Colour PhotoStitch for creating embroidery from photographs and other images
  • Keyboard Design Collection provides an easy way to map alphabet & other designs to keyboard characters
  • Laydown Stitch automatically creates a light fill to flatten the nap of textured fabrics like terry toweling
  • PhotoFlash achieves a vintage line printer look
  • Freehand Digitizing allows you to draw directly on the screen
  • Close Shape Capability means you can close any object with a straight line or curved line
  • Multi-Position Hoop capability allows you to set multiple hoops, split the design into sewing fields and output the design to multiple files
  • Fills & Motifs for you to add beautiful textures and borders to your embroidery designs
  • Monogramming templates ready to be stitched out, or create your own with 236 ornaments and 80 borders
  • Sample & Alphabet Designs that were created for particular features like laydown stitch, hand stitch and reef photostitch
  • Hoop Management allows you to easily find and select hoops compatible with your machine, plus create and add custom hoops suitable
  • Machine Support accommodates for many popular single-needle and multi-needle machines of all types and models
  • Sequence Docker provides an easy way to view colour blocks and individual objects so you can rearrange them to establish the stitching order

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By: Catherine on 6 September 2020

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