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With Interactive Embroidery, YOU are the designer.
Easily change the size, colour, shape, stitches and more with quick menus and interactive slide bars. Each design in this interactive collection is full of elements that can be changed as much as you like. With this exciting new way of quickly and easily creating your own designs, just imagine the project possibilities and the endless array of gifts that you can embroider.
It doesn't get much easier... designs that are already digitized; but let you change virtually everything about them and allow you the creative freedom to unleash the designer in you.
This Christmas Traditions collection is perfect for your holiday decorating! It includes pieces that can be used as decorations, ornaments, etc, plus elements that can be stitched on fabric. Some are projects, which you'll need some fabric draping liquid or a hot glue gun for. Christmas Traditions composes of embroidery designs for Snowflakes, Ornament Covers, Reindeer, Santa's Sleigh, Holly Font and a few bonus designs. It can generate over 13 millions snowflakes and also contains a number of freestanding lace pieces. 

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