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Starfish Revolution Embroidery Layout Software. Save hours with an embroidery design layout software that is easy to use! Be sure to scroll down and view the video by Lindee Goodall.

Visualize Your Layout

Can't visualize 16 copies of an embroidery design rotated by 18°? Neither can anyone else! Seeing your layout makes planning so much easier.

Don't imagine it - see it!

Seriously Simple

Starfish doesn't have menus, dockers or heaps of buttons. In fact, you'll find everything you need on one screen.

Starfish does one job, and does it well.

Works With or Without The Sewing Revolution Rulers

Starfish makes The Sewing Revolution rulers simple. You just position your designs on screen and Starfish produces printable, step-by-step instructions for creating your design using the rulers.

Can't use the rulers? Let Starfish show you how!

Full-size Printable Templates

Starfish can create full-size printable paper templates which don't require The Sewing Revolution rulers. You just join the pages together and punch holes through the indicated marks.

Accurate placement without the tedious measuring.

The Result: With The Sewing Revolution ... the finished product from Starfish will be a set of printable instructions for creating your layout. The step-by-step instructions will give you the key information for using The Sewing Revolution correctly - which ruler to use, how to position it, and what points to mark.
Using The Sewing Revolution rulers to create your alignment marks makes positioning quick and easy.     SEE SAMPLE INSTRUCTIONS

The Result: Using Paper Templates ... the finished product from Starfish will be a printable template, probably spread out over several pages. A number of alignment marks help you to cut and glue the pages together accurately. Then just punch through the indicated holes and use these to mark your fabric.
The result will be alignment marks you can use to hoop square and line up your embroidery design.   SEE A SAMPLE TEMPLATE







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