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Embroidered key fob

Date Posted:17 March 2020 

Embroidered key fob main image

This tutorial will show you how to create a personalised key fob using Embrilliance. This is a great gift idea for a loved one, teachers or is the perfect addition to a child's bag so that they can easily identify which is theirs. This 'In-The-Hoop' project uses Embrilliance EssentialsEnthusiast and StitchArtist to create an embroidered key fob with no sewing required.

Using Hatch Embroidery Digitizer?

We've put together a tutorial on how to achieve the same project using Hatch. Click here to download the tutorial →



Before starting, check the Embrilliance version you are running to make sure it is up to date:

  1. Open Embrilliance, go to Help > About and check version.
  2. Check what the latest version number of the software is by going to Software Trials and Updates - click here.
  3. If necessary, download the latest version and follow prompts to update to the latest version.

Or you can grab a free trial version here →


  1. Open Embrilliance. Edit > Preferences.
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance
  2. Choose hoop size 130mm x 180mm and set the hoop to horizontal by ticking the Rotate 90 option.
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance
  3. Choose the lettering icon Text Font Icon Embrilliance.
    "ABC" will appear in the work area and also in the text box on the right of your screen. Double click on this text, type your name and press Set (or Enter on your keyboard). Choose your font directly under the text box by selecting the down arrow and scroll through fonts.  Select desired font  (we have used Narrow Retro Embroidery Font in this example), resize by dragging corners and position on the right side of hoop. 
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance
  4. Select the StitchArtist icon Text Font Icon Embrilliance, then Merge Design Merge Design Icon Embrilliance Shapes 1. Choose the horizontal rectangle. Resize to approx. 12mm high and 40-50mm long and drag to left side of the name, nice and close.
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance
  5. In StitchArtist Text Font Icon Embrilliance, make sure you have the rectangle selected and choose Run for rectangle outline from the Stitch tools.
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance
  6. From Enthusiast, Go to Utility > Add Knockdown Stitching.
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance
  7. Go back to Stitch Artist and choose “Run” again to make the knockdown stitch an outline and leave selected. In the Properties box on the bottom right of your screen make sure run type is set to single. The START and STOP points on the stitches are indicated by the GREEN and RED arrows.  Text Font Icon Embrilliance
  8. Move the Start and Stop points to back of the tab so they will not be seen.
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance
  9. Copy and paste outline (you will see the second one in the Objects box). Make this outline a bean stitch in the properties box. Change colour by selecting the colour  tab at the bottom of the screen. Click outside of design to deselect.
    Text Font Icon EmbrillianceText Font Icon Embrilliance
  10. In Objects box, select the original rectangle and Delete on your keyboard.
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance
  11. Choose Edit Stitches in EnthusiastEdit Stitches Embrilliance and delete any unnecessary stitches if required by selecting stitch and then press delete as before.
  12. In Objects box, rename outlines by clicking on “Underlay” twice slowly. Call first outline “Placement” and second outline “Final Outline”
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance
  13. Check stitchout order by running Stitchplayer Edit Stitches Embrilliance and then play.


Go to File > Save as (Stitch and Working) to have a BE file for editing and a separate machine file for stitching out.

  • Save Working File: to have an editing file to come back to later.
  • Save Stitch File: to have a stitching file only


  1. Hoop 130 x 180mm hoop with tearaway stabiliser.
  2. Stitch Placement Line onto stabiliser.
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance
  3. Place a piece of vinyl down to cover placement line, stick down with tape and stitch out the name/design.
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance
  4. Remove hoop from machine (do not unhoop key fob!) and stick another piece of vinyl on back of hoop to cover placement line.
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance/p>
  5. Reattach hoop and stitch Final outline. Make sure you have a bobbin with the same colour as your top thread for this step as the outline will be seen from both sides.
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance
  6. Remove from hoop, rip away the excess tearaway and cut around your key fob a few millimetres away from outline.
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance
  7. Attach snap fasteners and your key fob is done!
    Text Font Icon Embrilliance
    Echidna sewing Create an embroidered key fob using Embrilliance Project
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Echidna project material/ fabric requirements are an indication only and can seem to be generous. This has been intentional. Should you make a cutting or embroidery mistake you will have sufficient fabric to rectify your error.

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