How to embroider a towel

How to embroider a towel main image

by Amanda Loveridge

Below is a simple guide to help you embroider a towel using your favourite design.

Step One

Hoop 1 layer of washaway stabilizer as shown below.

Hooping Stabilizer

Step Two

Mark your towel where you want your design to be placed using an iron/wash out pen or similar.

Mark Towel

Step Three

Place the hoop in the machine and your select design.

Place Hoop in the Machine

Step Four

Position the design using your favourite method depending on your machine.

Position Embroidery Design

Step Five

Run a basting stitch around the outline of your embroidery design to keep your garment in place whilst the embroidery is being stitched out. There are a number of ways you can baste stitch your embroidery designs as outlined below:

Use your machine's built-in basting stitch

If you are unsure if your machine has this function please refer to your machine user manual. The manual should also guide you through step-by-step instructions on how to complete a basting stitch.


Apply a basting stitch to your embroidery design

This can be done before you transfer your embroidery design over to your machine and it will be displayed as the first step when you run this embroidery design on your machine. Each software program will have different steps to complete this task. It is normally in the top file navigation under tools or utility as "Baste Design, Auto Baste etc.". If you are unsure use your program "Help" and type in Baste.

Download a free baste stitch for your hoop size from Echidna Sewing

Please note these are all .dst files so you may need to convert them into the preferred embroidery design file.

This stitch is designed to run around the outline of your embroidery design to keep your garments in place whilst the embroidery is being stitched out.

The basting stitch will also allow you to visually check the position of your design before you start your embroidery design. If you find that it's not at the desired angle, unstitch and redo this step to ensure that the positioning is perfect.

Step Six

Once you are happy with the placement of the basting stitch place a layer of Supersolv over the top and run the basting stitch again to hold it in place.


Step Seven

Check presser foot height. It should be sitting just above the top layer as it starts to stitch, too low or too high will cause thread breakage, adjust it in your machine settings as required.

Presser Foot

Step Eight

Stitch your embroidery design.

Embroidery Design - Towel

Step Nine

Once the embroidery is complete remove the hoop from the machine and remove the basting stitch and excess stabilizer/topping from the towel. Launder if you wish (I personally like to) before giving it away as a gift or if you are using it for yourself.