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Echidna washaway stabilizer lends support and stability during embroidery then easily dissolves completely in warm water, leaving only beautiful embroidery behind. It is ideal for lace, appliqués, badge making and freestanding projects where both sides of the embroidery will be seen, and makes a great backing for sheer fabrics like organza, tulle, silk or nylon. Strong, soft and light (50gsm), you can embroider this non-woven fibre style stabilizer with or without fabric. Simply embroider, then rinse away when embroidery is complete.

Roll size: 20 inches x 10 yards (50cm x 9m)
Colour: none, warm water-soluble 
Weight: 50GSM (Medium)

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Barcode: 785459688015

Wash away stabilizer

By: Robyn on 23 September 2023
Great product.

Washaway Stabilizer

By: Anne on 23 September 2023
Probably m y most used stabiliser. So easy to use and remove. Love it.

Wash away

By: Fiona on 18 April 2023
Absolutely perfect I always use this for my towels

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