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Using Water-Soluble Thread

What is water-soluble thread?
Water-soluble thread is designed to temporarily hold fabric in place and then dissolve completely in water leaving no trace behind.

Our Hemingworth Water-Soluble thread features a spool and cap system, which is not only exrtemely handy for smooth thread delivery, but also to avoid touching the thread. As water-soluble thread dissolves when moisture reaches it, the less you touch it, the better.

Where do you use water-soluble thread?
Water-soluble thread is useful when you need to baste or stitch items temporarily. It can be used on a variety of projects like trapunto, basting quilts and in-the-hoop projects, techniques like gathering on sleeves, and more.

A fantastic tip for using water-soluble thread is sewing together washaway stabilizer scraps. Don't throw away your washaway remnants! Simply stitch them together with water-soluble thread and you will have a larger piece as desired.

How do you dissolve water-soluble thread?
When it's time to remove your stitches, you can simply throw your project into your washing machine, rinse with water, or use a water-soluble pen, and the thread will dissolve leaving no residue behind.

Tip: If you wind a bobbin using water-soluble thread, mark the bobbin so you can identify which one has water-soluble thread. You don't want to mix it up with white thread and make a project with water-soluble thread which then dissolves once washed.

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