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Kimberbell Wash-Away is a thin, fibrous, malleable substance that dissolves quickly in water and is ideal for tasks where no stabiliser is desired, such as freestanding lace. It is for use with delicate or sheer fabrics like organza and chiffon, where all stabilizer must be removed and unseen. During the embroidery process it adds stability but is then completely rinsed away with water.

If you're not sure if an unlabeled stabiliser is Wash-Away, wet the corner with a little water and see if it becomes sticky. Wash-Away is especially useful in small, difficult areas where Tear-Away would be difficult to remove.

  • Ideal for creating freestanding lace
  • Perfect to use on sheer fabrics where all stabilizer must be removed
  • 20 second dissolve in cool water
Brand Kimberbell
Products available
KDST120 Kimberbell Wash-Away - 12" x 10yds
KDST121 Kimberbell Wash-Away - 20" x 10yds

Wash away stabiliser

By: Lyn on 8 January 2024
Great product for a fantastic price

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