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How to create fabric from thread

Date Posted:27 November 2023 

How to create fabric from thread main image

Do you have a lot of leftover thread scraps from your sewing and embroidery projects? Don't throw them away, because you can turn them into beautiful fabric with this easy technique!

In this video, Rachael shows you how to use those thread leftovers to create your own unique fabric that you can use for other projects. It's a great way to repurpose scraps and reduce waste, while also making something new and creative. Using a variety of thread scraps in all different colours and an array of products like tulle, washaway, and more, we demonstrate how simple it is to turn those remnants into something fabulous! Watch the video below and get inspired to try it yourself!


Tools required:

  • A bobbin wound with water-soluble thread
  • Thread remnants
  • Hemingworth thread
  • A bobbin wound with matching thread
  • Warm water with a dash of dishwashing liquid
  • Bowl
  • Towel

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