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Magnetic Bookmarks

Author: Brittany Gagel  Date Posted:13 July 2023 

Magnetic Bookmarks main image

If you’re an avid bookworm, diary user, or are always studying, these cute magnetic bookmarks are the perfect project for you! Mark your page when reading with this magnetic bookmark design, which makes it easy to lock your page without causing any damage or creases to your book.

Magnetic bookmarks can be decorated with cartoons, and cute icons, or can even be personalised with your favourite photos like your kids, pets, or friends.

This project is great for those at intermediate to advanced skill level.

Download the free design for this project →

Free design:

  • Sewing Machine (.jpg)

Download now →

Please keep in mind: As these bookmarks are double-sided, the design you use will be reversed.

What you will need:

  • Printer (any Inkjet printer that prints on paper or card)
  • Paper or card
  • Access to CanvasWorkspace (Desktop version)
  • Print to Cut for CanvasWorkspace
  • Cutting machine
  • 12" x 12" Low tack mat
  • Any promotional fridge magnets (old calendars) or adhesive magnetic tape
  • Scissors
  • Clear vinyl/Overlaminate
  • Design of your choice - Download our free design →
  • Double-sided tape

Please note: Brother Print to Cut for CanvasWorkspace is required to complete this project. The desktop version of CanvasWorkspace is to be used.

If your chosen design/image is more complex, you will need Enhanced Image Tracing for ScanNCut.

Shop online:

Step overview:

Create Magnetic Bookmarks Using Brother ScanNCut

Detailed instructions:

  1. Open up Canvas Workspace and start a new project. Ensure your artboard is A4 size.Create new A4 artboard
  2. Select image tracing.Select Image Tracing
  3. Insert your chosen image. It can be a .png or .jpg file, a transparent or white background works best.Import design
  4. Trace the outer edge only or choose enhanced image tracing depending on the complexity of the image.Select Trace Outer Edge Only
  5. Tick ‘Paste the Image on the Drawing Area’.
  6. Define area if necessary with enhanced image tracing.
  7. Press ok.
  8. The first thing to do once your image has been brought in, is to ungroup. Simply highlight all layers and right-click, select 'Ungroup'.Ungroup layers
  9. Resize your image to your desired size. Make sure you select both the image and cut line. We have resized ours to 40mm (width) x 40mm (height).Resize design/image
  10. Select cut line only.
  11. Create an offset cut line by clicking 'Offset' under the Edit menu on the righthand side. You can also find it under the top tabs Edit > Create Offset Line.Create Offset Line
  12. Under the Offset Line settings, change the spacing as desired, we have set ours to 2.0mm. Change the “Selected Original Line” option to “Delete”. This will delete the original cut line. Press ok.add transfer tape over vinyl
  13. Regroup the image by highlighting all layers including the cut line, right-click and select ‘Group’. To ensure you have all layers selected, you can view your layers under the 'Layers' menu on the righthand side.Group all layers
  14. Duplicate image. Right-click on the image and select ‘Duplicate’.Duplicate design
  15. Flip one of the images vertically so the top of the images are facing towards each other and centre align them. Note: One of the images will be reversed. Flip image
  16. Add a rectangle between the images, making sure the ends and corners just overlap the tops of your images. Size your rectangle to approximately 20mm (2cm) wide. This can be larger if your images are a much larger size.Create rectangle to connect images
  17. Highlight all layers of your two images, excluding the rectangle you just created, and ungroup.Ungroup
  18. If you are happy with the alignment of your images and rectangle, then select all cut lines including the rectangle (ensuring you do not select the image), and click ‘Weld’. Select all cut lines
  19. On the right-hand side menu under ‘Artboard’, tick the “Show Registration Mark” box. Please note: You must have the Brother ScanNCut Print to Cut function to access this.Show Registration Marks
  20. Export your file as an FCM file. Click on File > Export/Transfer FCM File. Save it to your USB or export directly to your machine.Export FCM file
  21. Export the file as a PDF. Click File > Export PDF File > Images Only (This ensures you will not have any black lines showing when you cut it out). Print your PDF on paper or card once you have saved it.Export PDF and print
  22. Laminate your printed PDF on both sides with overlaminate gloss, matt, or glitter. We used Gloss Overlaminate Vinyl. Cut out a piece to fit over your printed image, or if you are printing a bulk amount of bookmarks, you can cover the entire A4 page. Make sure you laminate both the front and back of the page.
    Laminate front
    Laminate back
  23. It’s time to cut out your bookmark on your cutting machine. We used a Brother ScanNCut SDX1200. Insert your USB and select your cutting file. Insert file on cutting machine
  24. Your machine will ask you to load your printout with registration marks so it can connect the design file with the printed design. We recommend using a Low Tack Mat to ensure your paper/card does not stick too much. If your mat has lost its tackiness, you can use Echidna Washi Tape to hold it down, or simply spray 505 adhesive on the paper/material. Do not spray it directly on the mat.Load mat with printed paper
  25. Once you have loaded your mat into the machine, proceed to cut your design. Tip: We recommend always doing a test cut to ensure the settings are correct.Proceed to cut your design
  26. Peel away the excess paper that has been cut and gently lift off your cutout laminated design. Use a spatula to lift the cutout if needed.Gently remove cutout design
  27. The next step is to fold your bookmark. Fold it in half so the design is facing outwards. Try to match up the shape, and press the folded crease. You can also use a ruler or scoring tool to indent the crease further on the inside of the bookmark, as shown in the image below.
    Fold bookmark
    Press down folded bookmark
    Crease fold with ruler
  28. Now that your bookmark is folded, we need to add the magnets. Using whatever magnets you have, measure how much you will need to cover a reasonable surface inside the bookmark. Cut out two pieces of the magnet the same size.Cut magnet to size
  29. You will then need to adhere the magnet to the bookmark. If you are using an adhesive magnet, simply peel away the backing and stick it in the desired position. If you are using old fridge magnets or a sheet of magnet, cut two strips of double-sided tape and place them on the back of the magnet. Position it as desired and press down to adhere.
    Adhere magnet to bookmark
    Adhere magnet to bookmark
  30. Repeat the last step with the other side of the bookmark.Repeat step 28
  31. Your bookmark will now magnetize and is ready to use to mark your page on your next book!Magnetic Bookmark complete
Magnetic Bookmark in Book
Magnetic Bookmark in Book
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