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Santa Footprint Stencil

Date Posted:8 December 2019 

Santa Footprint Stencil main image

Make Christmas extra special and exciting this year with our Santa Footprint stencil! Perfect as decoration and to get the kids excited that Santa has been in the house. You can create magical moments and memories with this fun and easy project.

This ScanNCut project is a great beginner project for those who have just started on the ScanNCut journey!


Download the files for this project

These include:

  • ScanNCut File (.fcm)
  • ScanNCut CanvasWorkspace file (.svg)

Download Now →

What you Need

  • Any ScanNCut Machine
  • Your Standard 12″ x 12″ ScanNCut Mat (suitable for your model)
  • Your Standard ScanNCut  Blade (suitable for your model)
  • 12″ x 12″ scrapbooking card (A4 card can be used – your footprint may be smaller)
  • Flour/Icing sugar/Baby powder (or similar substance that is easy to clean)

How to make your SANTA FOOTPRINT stencil

Step 1: You can either download the ScanNCut file (.fcm) and save this onto a USB to plug directly into your ScanNCut machine or download the ScanNCut CanvasWorkspace file  (.svg) which will allow you to alter the design online and send it to your machine via Wireless.

Step 2: Install the Standard ScanNCut Blade into your ScanNCut by following the steps outlined in your machines quick reference guide.

Step 3: Place your scrapbooking card onto a Standard Mat making sure it sticks well. You can use some 505 spray directly to the media and then place it onto your mat to ensure that it sticks properly. The last thing you want is your media moving when it’s cutting out your design.

Step 4: Load the mat into the ScanNCut by following the steps outlined in your machines quick reference guide (remember to hold the mat level while loading)

Step 5:   Load the design from either the USB or via CanvasWorkspace using your Wireless connection depending on which method you selected in Step 1. Do a scan of the mat to ensure that the design does not go over the edge and allows room for your test cut.

Step 6: (SDX owners may jump to step 7 unless you are using an unfamiliar medium). For all other ScanNCut models don’t forget to do a test cut! Cutting a small hole in the corner of your mat is a lot less upsetting than cutting a large design straight through your mat.

On my main screen choose the ‘test’ button. We usually use the ‘square’ test and place it in the top left hand side corner of my mat. Referring to the ScanNCut Educational Binder that came with the ScanNCut machine, the cheat sheet on machine settings found on page 9 is very useful. If you have to, do a few test cuts to ensure you have the correct blade settings before moving onto the next step.

Step 7:  Once you have the design lined up on the media, choose the ‘cut’ option and select ‘Start’ or press play to cut out your design.

Step 8: Once the machine has completed cutting the design, unload the mat from the ScanNCut and gently peel off the card. You will now have a  template of a single boot.

Hint: You can either cut out 2 boots or use one and simply flip it over to create a right foot.

Step 9: Place the template on floor in your desired location (we suggest in front of a fireplace or near the Christmas tree) and gently sprinkle flour/icing sugar/baby powder or similar substance to fill in the cut out sections. Take extra care not to spill over the edge of the card otherwise you will be left with an outline.

Step 10: Repeat Step 9 until you have created a trail of foot prints as desired.

Step 11: Enjoy seeing the reaction on the kids faces when they discover Santa has left some footprints in or around the house!

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