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Welcome Banner

Welcome Banner main image

Using beautiful Alphabet designs by Outback Embroidery, you can create this awesome 'Welcome' banner for your home, event or any special occasion. It makes a stunning decoration and what a great way to incorporate animals and letters!

These designs used in this project can be stitched in a minimum 5" x 7" hoop. We have altered the embroidery designs to be larger and used a 9" x 14" hoop to stitch them out. Please note: If you choose to stitch the designs as 5" x 7", the requirements & measurements (shown below) will change and the banner size will be smaller.

Total banner length: 320cm
Finished size of each banner letter: 9" x 14" (to the point)


Fabric & batting

  • 2 x metres - Cream Homespun 16” x 24” (embroidery blocks)
  • 25cm binding fabric - 3 x 2.5” strips cut across the width of the fabric (WOF)
  • 1 x metre Backing Fabric
  • 1x metre Battilizer

Stabilizers for machine embroidery

  • Shape to create  7 x pieces 10” x 14”
  • Fusible Softaway/Tearaway 7 x pieces 10" x 14”

General accessories used

  • Softlight Mercerized Cotton # MC3-001 (embroidered letters)
  • Black Prewound Bobbins
  • 505 spray
  • White Rasant Thread
  • Rasant thread to match the binding & backing fabric
  • Walking Foot
  • Rotating cutting mat
  • Olfa Cutter
  • Assorted Pilot Pintor colouring pens


1. Iron “Shape to Create” onto the wrong side of each embroidery block fabric.

2. Iron “Fusible Softaway/Tearaway” onto the rear of each embroidery block fabric.

3. Hoop the fabric and stabiliser in the 9” x 14” hoop.

4. Load the letter design & increase the height of each letter to 8” or 207mm.
Welcome Banner

5. Thread the machine with black Softlight thread and change the prewound bobbin thread to black.

6. Complete the embroidery for the letters to spell “W E L C O M E”.

7. Remove the embroidery from the hoop and using Pintor Pilot pens, colour in as desired. Press the front of the embroidery to heat seal the colours.
Welcome Banner

8. Using the template provided, cut each embroidery block, battilizer & backing fabric to create the flag shape for each letter.
Welcome Banner

9. Place an embroidered letter and a piece of batting together and using your walking foot, stitch ⅛” around the outside of each letter to secure the two layers together.

Welcome Banner
Welcome Banner


10. Lay the backing fabric onto the top of the embroidered letter, right sides together. Using a ½” seam and starting at the top of one side of the flag shape, stitch around the outside. Make sure the top of the flag shape remains open.
Welcome Banner

11. Trim the batting back to the seam line on the inside of the flag.

Welcome Banner
Welcome Banner


12. Flip each letter to the right side, taking care to poke the corners and V to a point.
Welcome Banner

13. Repeat this process until all the letters have their backings in place.

14. If you haven’t already done so, cut the binding fabric to strips of 2 1/2” across the width of the fabric. Join the 3 strips together on the bias to create one continuous length. Press in half, then press in half again to create a long binding strip.Fold the ends in and press so there are no raw edges.

Welcome Banner
Welcome Banner
Welcome Banner
Welcome Banner


15. Lay the letters “ W E L C O M E” on a table.

16. Place the binding strip on top of the spaced letters, check they are centred correctly. We have spaced the letters 1” apart from the centre of the binding strip. Pin in place.
Welcome Banner

17. Using a walking foot and starting at one end of the binding strip, stitch the open edges together ⅛” from the open edge. Take care to keep each letter snuggly pushed into the binding strip. Continue to stitch until all the letters are attached and the raw edges are stitched together.

18. You are finished!
Welcome Banner

Welcome Banner

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Echidna project material/ fabric requirements are an indication only and can seem to be generous. This has been intentional. Should you make a cutting or embroidery mistake you will have sufficient fabric to rectify your error.

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