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We've made cutting your fabric easier with the Rotating Cutting Mat! With the ability to spin and rotate, you don't need to pick up your fabric and turn it to cut each side. Simple rotate the mat! Alternatively, you can also flip the center piece over to stabilize the cutting mat and prevent it from spinning when you need a stationary surface. Featuring both angular and graphical lines for detailed results, cutting your fabric will be a breeze! 

  • Self-healing professional quality mat
  • Neoprene backing provides a non-slip surface for stability
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Angular and graphical lines for precision cutting
  • Cutting area of 18" x 18"


Barcode: 785459688244

Rotating cutting mat

By: Judith on 26 March 2024
Absolutely great used it both as a rotating and a flat cutting mat. Just fits the table I keep it on

Rotating mat

By: Lynn on 23 October 2021
What a fabulous invention

Great time saving device

By: Lynn on 19 October 2021
This mat is a great size, easy to rotate. No need to lift and reposition the fabric. Fantastic

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