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Drawstring Toiletry Bag

Drawstring Toiletry Bag main image

Create your very own toiletry bag, or give a handmade gift to someone special. This project is fun and simple to create and is great for sewists of any level, from beginner to advanced.

This toiletry bag is perfect for holding your belongings like a toothbrush & toothpaste, hairbrush, soap, deodorant and more. It can also be used for storing other items like collectables, knick knacks and jewellery.


  • 1 x fat quarter (20” x 20” square)
  • 1 x piece of contrast fabric (size: 7 ½” x 14”)
  • Piecing thread
  • 2 x pieces of 30” long ribbon (drawstring)
  • Blue Pen
  • Patchwork ruler & cutter
  • Base pattern - Download now →


1. Cut the fat quarter down to a rectangle sized 17” x 20”
2. Cut the circle shape from the paper pattern sheet.
3. Fold the contrast fabric in half and cut a circle (it will cut 2 x circles), positioning it
towards the bottom of the fabric (as shown below).

contrast fabric

4. From the remaining contrast fabric cut a 1 ½” strip along the length.

2 circles cut


General machine information

Stitch - Straight stitch
Stitch length - 2.0
Foot - Regular sewing foot and ¼"
¼" seam used for construction
Use 'pivot function' if your machine has it. This makes it easier when inserting the circles.


1. Fold the main fabric in half lengthwise. Using a ¼” seam, sew 1” along from one end of the fabric, reverse then stop.

main fabric

2. Leave a 2” gap and begin sewing along the remaining seam, reverse at the beginning and end of the seam.
3. Take one of the circles and with right sides together pin to one end of the “cylinder”.

main fabric

4. Activate pivot function on your machine if you have it, and using your ¼” piecing foot sew around the circle.
5. Repeat inserting the second circle at the other end of the cylinder. Clip knotches ½ inch apart into your seam allowance around your circles once you have finished.

main fabric

6. Pull fabric through the 2” gap to turn the fabric to the right side.

main fabric

7. Push one circle down on top of the second circle (wrong sides together) to create the toiletry bag. Iron the rim of the bag to create a straight pressed edge.

main fabric

main fabric

8. Using your fabric marker (Blue pen) of choice, measure 1” down from the top of the pressed seam. Mark the fabric with a dashed line, set bag aside.

main fabric

9. To make the tubing for the ribbon, take the 1 ½” piece of contrast fabric and fold in half and cut - yields 2 x pieces. Fold in half again and cut - yields 4 x pieces.
10. Press ¼” seam along each side and end of the four pieces then set aside.

main fabric

11. Take the bag and place the ribbon tubes evenly around the top of the bag with one edge on the dashed line.

toiletry bag

12. Stitch in place along the top and bottom of tubing.

toiletry bag

13. Remove markings on top of bag, iron.

toiletry bag

14. Thread each piece of ribbon through the tubing then tie a knot on the end to secure each ribbon.

toiletry bag

Your toiletry bag is complete!

toiletry bag
toiletry bag


These toiletry bags can also be donated to charity. If you want to contribute to a great cause, the charities listed below accept handmade toiletry bags. Just send your creations in to the mailing address provided. 

Are you a charity that would accept this item? Contact us to have your details added here.


A Better Life for Foster Kids
PO Box 1138
Sale VIC 3850

These bags can also be filled with toiletry items before being donated. If you choose to fill your bag, the charity suggests items like soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, face cloth and the like.


Backpacks 4 VIC Kids
86 Camms Road
Cranbourne VIC 3977


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