Quilt board

Quilt board main image

What you need

How to Make

Select the paper that you want to use for this project. If you buy it from a 12" x 12" Scrapbook paper book (24 sheets) it will fit the ScanNCut mat perfectly. 

Tip: Lightly spray the back of the paper with some 505 spray and then apply it to your standard mat. Do this once every 5 or so sheets (when the paper stops sticking).

ScanNCut Paper

Test Cut

Depending on the thickness of your paper you need to change your blade depth and run a test cut. Please read your Echidna ScanNCut Binder manual to ensure that you have the correct settings. 

Test Cut ScanNCut Paper

Hexagonal Shapes

To get the hexagonal shapes that we used for this quilted project follow these steps below.

1. Select the Pattern button on the ScanNCut.

Select Pattern

2. Select the Square/Circle button.

Select Shapes

3. Scroll down and select the Hexagonal Shape (6 sides)

Select Hexagonal

4. We used the following settings.

Height: 2"

Width: 2.31"

Number: 25 (this is to get the maximum hexagonal shapes on the 30"x30" paper) 

Select Shape Settings

5. Press Set and it will show you this screen below. 

You can scan your paper to ensure it fits correctly and then cut as normal. Otherwise Press OK and start your cut.

Hexagonal ScanNCut Screen

6. Peel the paper off the ScanNCut Mat.

You can save this design to file or simply load the mat again with a new sheet of paper and cut again. Repeat until you have enough hexagonal shapes to fill your board.

Hexagonal Paper

7. Apply your hexagonals into the quilt pattern. Use our finished photo as a guide on where to place your hexagonals. 

Keep the centre of each star shape empty as these will used to place photos or text.

Note: We used a Bostik Clear Glue Stick for the best results. 

ScanNCut Board

8. Fill your board with the quilt pattern until just the insides remain empty.

Quilt Board

9. Now you can fill the insides with pictures of your loved ones or with text that you choose to decorate it with.

To do this you need to make your photos the same width and height that you used to create the hexagonals. Make them slightly bigger so you have room to move the hexagonals around.

Print them out on some card stock to match your scrapbooking paper.

We have used the pink hexagonal shape (shown below) to check that its the correct size after its been printed. You should do this before loading it onto the ScanNCut mat for use in your machine.


10. Repeat the steps to load the ScanNCut Hexagonal shapes and only select the amount that you need.

Example: if you have 15 photos then only load 15 Hexagons. 

Use your finger or the ScanNCut pen to move the hexagonals into place (as shown below). You can zoom in to get a more accurate result. Once the Hexagonals are in the correct cut position press okay and then cut your photos.

 ScanNCut Hexagonal movement

ScanNCut Photos

11. Now fill the remaining gaps with your photo/text hexagonals. 

Once the glue has dried you can cut around the edges to ensure your frame is neat and tidy.

ScanNCut Board