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Explore the world of embroidery with the Brother M380D with built-in Disney designs

You don’t need to wish for one machine with the power to sew, quilt, and embroider - the M380D does all three! This machine is packed with advanced and easy to use features, all for an affordable price. No matter your skill level, crafting is sure to be a dream on the M380D.

Add a magical touch to your sewing and embroidery projects with a range of built-in decorative stitches, embroidery designs, lettering fonts, and more. Whether you’re creating at home, in classes, or on the road, this light and portable machine is perfect for any crafter.

Brother M380D Sewing and Embroidery Machine

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3-in-1 machine, perfect for every crafter!

Brother Beginner Embroidery Machines Australia Fabric Customise Personalise Sew


Embellish items with embroidery

The M380D’s hoop size is ideal for getting you started with embroidery. With a maximum embroidery area of 100mm x 100mm, the 4” by 4” hoop is excellent for embellishing and personalising your projects and creating unique gifts.

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Embroidery Machine Area

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine Built-In Designs

100's of built-in stitches & designs

With a fantastic library of 135 built-in embroidery designs, 11 built-in embroidery fonts, 181 built-in stitch selections, and 4 built-in lettering fonts, your opportunities for creativity are endless. Mix and match to make unique monograms, lettering, and other designs.

You can also import your own custom-made or purchased embroidery designs by simply connecting a USB.

Plus, access the magic of Disney with the 65 built-in Disney embroidery designs. Make your projects extra fantastic with the help of beloved Disney characters and symbols. They’re a wonderful addition to children’s wear, gifts, and more!

Want to view the built-in designs on the M380D?
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Upload your own designs via USB

The M380D allows you to import embroidery designs, whether they’re purchased or self-made using embroidery software. Plug in the USB with the files, and away you stitch!


Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine USB Port

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine WiFi

Send embroidery designs via WiFi

When connected to a wireless network, use Brothers Design Database Transfer app to send designs wirelessly from your PC to your machine.


With Brother's cloud-based design platform, Artspira, you can explore a universe of creative expression. You have everything you need to create in the palm of your hand, on your mobile device! Explore the latest trends, designs, projects, and customise your own designs. All are easily transferrable to your Brother Wi-Fi enabled machine.

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Brother Artspira

LCD Colour touch screen display with on-screen editing

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine LCD Screen

Control all of your sewing, embroidery, and quilting activities with the easy-to-use 3.7” colour LCD touch screen. Preview your designs, threads, and alterations on screen before stitching them out, or create your own stitches with the My Custom Stitch feature.

Previewing, editing, adjusting, and combining designs and letters has never been easier with the on-screen features on the M380D. Use it to merge multiple designs, add text to an existing design, manipulate colours and stitch density, and preview the changes of a design all before stitching it out.

On-screen editing also allows you to alter built-in fonts, change thread colours, size, scale, and orientation of a pattern with just the touch of a button. If you’re working with multiple lines of text, you can even align them left, centre, or right, and rotate to your heart’s desire - all from a single editing panel!

Don’t be afraid of these advanced features - the machine's built-in animated step-by-step instructions make learning the machine a breeze!

Advanced needle threading system

With the quick and simple lowering of a lever, the thread is pushed into the eye of the needle, and you’re ready to sew! This innovative needle threading mechanism eliminates frustration and eye strain.

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine Needle Threader

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine LED Lighting

Bright LED Lighting

Light up the needle area and brighten your workstation with two built-in LED lights. This is especially handy when working with dark materials.

Step by Step Threading

Threading this machine is super easy thanks to the handy step-by-step illustrated instructions.

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine Step by Step Threading

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine Bobbin Winder

Bobbin winder

Winding bobbins is straightforward and quick, just follow the illustrated instructions for fast and simple threading. You can also use your own colour thread!

Quick Set Bobbin

Loading bobbins is super simple with Brother’s drop-in bobbin function. All you have to do is drop your bobbin in, thread by following the direction of the handy arrow, and you’re done.

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine Quick Set Bobbin

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine Spacious Workspace

Spacious workspace

Sewing is simpler with the large 6.4" x 4" work area, giving you extra space for quilts and bulkier projects. Build amazing projects with ease!


Sew tubular items such as pants legs and sleeves with ease thanks to the free-arm.

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine Free-arm

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine Easy Controls

Central Controls

The operating buttons make this machine even easier to use:

  • Thread cutter
  • Speed Control
  • Needle position up/down
  • Start/Stop function
  • Reverse sewing
For more details see below →

Sewing Stitches

You can be the ultimate creative master with 181 built-in sewing stitches, and a beautiful variety of alphabet and frame patterns included on your machine.

Plus with My Custom Stitch, you can make your own personalised stitches and save them for future projects!

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine Stitches

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine Feet Included

8 feet included

  • Zigzag foot “J”
  • Monogramming foot “N”
  • Overcasting foot “G”
  • Zipper foot “I”
  • Blind stitch foot “R”
  • Button fitting foot “M”
  • Buttonhole foot “A”
  • Embroidery foot “Q”

Create buttonholes and attach buttons

Thanks to the included buttonhole foot, you can create buttonholes and fasten buttons to most types of clothing and other projects.

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine Buttonholes

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine Design Database Transfer

Brother Design Database Transfer App

Manage your embroidery data and wirelessly send it to your sewing machine with this PC-based application.

  • Browse and manage your embroidery data using the thumbnails displayed in the viewer
  • Search for a design easily using the search conditions; such as the design size, file format or total number of thread colours.
  • The following formats can be transferred to your machine: .pes, .phc, .phx, .dst, .pen

Learn more about Design Database Transfer →

Feed Dogs/Box Feed System

Material shrinking and shifting is a thing of the past, thanks to a system that moves the feed dog in a box formation.

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine Box Feed System

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine Solid Build

Built to last

This machine is designed for years of durability thanks to its strong metal body, which gives the machine a solid weight that reduces vibration and shaking.

With a weight of 8.3kg, it’s solid and steady, and also light-weight enough to be taken to classes and sewing retreats!

Presser foot levelling button

Don’t be intimidated by changes in fabric thickness, such as at the start of seams - the presser foot levelling button maintains the presser foot level for smooth, consistent stitching.

Thread sensor

If your thread breaks or runs out while sewing, the upper and lower thread sensors will let you know.

Automatic thread cutter

When embroidering, the automatic thread cutter cuts both upper and lower threads for you. When sewing, skip your scissors and cut your threads by simply pressing the button.

Speed slide control

You have complete control over the speed of your machine - just slide the speed slide control when utilising your foot control or start stop button.

Needle up/down button

Whether you’d like the machine to finish with the needle up or down is up to you! Choose your preferred up or down stopping position, and complete projects such as stitching corners where having your needle down helps you pivot your fabric.

850 stitches per minute

At 850 sewing stitches per minute and 400 embroidery stitches per minute, you’ll have stunning decorative embroideries and lettering done in no time!

Hard Case Included

Travelling, storing, and protecting your machine is easy with the sturdy carry case provided.

View detailed specifications →

Brother M380D Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D sewing and embroidery machine features

What's in the box:

  • Zigzag foot "J"
  • Monogramming foot "N"
  • Overcasting foot "G"
  • Zipper foot "I"
  • Blind stitch foot "R"
  • Button fitting foot "M"
  • Buttonhole foot "A"
  • Embroidery foot "Q"
  • Needle set
  • Twin needle
  • Bobbin (on machine)
  • 3 x pre-wound bobbin (white embroidery thread)
  • 4 x bobbin clip
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Cleaning brush
  • Eyelet punch
  • Screwdriver
  • Disc-shaped screwdriver
  • Extra spool pin
  • Spool cap (large)
  • Spool cap (medium) (on machine)
  • Spool cap (small)
  • Mini king thread spool insert
  • Bobbin case (on machine)
  • Spool net
  • Foot controller
  • 4” x 4” Embroidery frame
  • Accessory bag
  • Hard case
  • Grid sheet set
  • Operation manual
  • Quick reference guide
  • Embroidery design guide

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D sewing and embroidery machine what comes with the machine in the box

Brother Warranty

Brother embroidery and sewing machine warranty echidna sewing
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Brother M380D Sewing and Embroidery Machine with Disney

Basic Features | Embroidery Features | Sewing Features


Basic Features

Accessory storage Yes
Automatic thread cutter Yes
Built-in Languages Yes
Built-In Memory Yes
LCD Type Colour
LCD display size 3.7"
Feed Dog Points 7
Included Accessory Feet Zigzag J foot, Monogramming N foot, Overcasting G foot, Zipper I foot, Blind stitch R foot, Button fitting M foot, Buttonhole A foot, Embroidery Q foot
Lighting type LED
Needle Position Key (Up/Down) Yes
Needle Threading System Automatic
Leveling button with zigzag foot Yes
Quick Set Bobbin Yes
Realistic Preview Yes
Start/stop button Yes
Thread Sensor Bobbin Sensor, Upper Thread Sensor
Wireless LAN Wi-Fi Yes

Embroidery Features

Built-In Embroidery Designs 135
Built-in Disney Embroidery Designs 65
Built-in Embroidery Fonts 11
Maximum embroidery area (mm) 100mm x 100mm
Maximum embroidery area (Inches) 4" x 4"

Sewing Features

Built-In Lettering Fonts 4
Built-in Stitch Selections 181
Buttonhole styles 10
Maximum Sewing Speed 850
My Custom Stitch Feature Yes
Quick reference stitch guides Yes
Speed Control Yes
Reverse stitch button Yes
SKU M380D_Options
Brand Brother
Max Stitch Width 7mm
Sewing Basting Stitch Included Yes
Embroidery Basting Stitch Included No
Shipping Weight 12.7000kg
Shipping Width 0.530m
Shipping Height 0.390m
Shipping Length 0.460m
Products available
M380D Brother M380D Machine Only
M380D_EYN Brother M380D with Everything You Need
M380D_Ultimate Brother M380D with Ultimate Bundle
Brother embroidery and sewing machine warranty echidna sewing

Brother Australia Innov-is warranty:

3 year on mechanical parts
5 years on electrical and electronic parts (excludes Foot Control)

I’m enjoying my digital sewing and embroidery mach

By: Leisl on 12 April 2024
I bought this machine after watching the very thorough video Gary made. I don’t live near your shop. It’s unusual as every other major purchase I’ve check out in person. But the video was that good! Has lots of sewing features like an auto buttonhole that I was looking for and tonnes more stitches than my vintage Bernina. Came with a few feet. I’ve bought a few more since and love that the snap on feet are so affordable and widely available! I’m still getting used to it as a sewing machine. It seems to sew an extra stitch or two where my Bernina would have stopped already, so I’m using my hand wheel more. Love the automatic threader. Yes I went thru it not working and thought I’d broken it but googled and found the immensely helpful video from echidna telling me to put the foot down and try again. Low and behold that worked and it’s worked perfectly every time since. I was surprised to see 400 others had the same problem hence the video. Maybe it’s something that could be included in the letter to new machine owners along with the intense instructions to keep the packaging? I’ve also enjoyed the embroidery features My kids are enjoying the frozen and Disney princess designs! The dispatch of the embrilliance software to my email was slow and it was a bit confusing to learn that the digital items are only available when logging in on the echidna site. They are not emailed. I actually forgot I’d bought software and ended up buying knockdown stitches due to the late delivery of software which in contrast was emailed to me. I do love that the designs were on a usb. Maybe all the digital items could be delivered via usb to save confusion. The pdf book about embroidery was good but I think including a virtual class in the everything you need would have been more helpful. Also would be helpful to include more brother a bobbins for sewing not just embroidery preloaded bobbins. Suggestions about thread bundles to buy to stitch out all the designs the machine comes with would also be helpful. I spent hours writing lists of all the brother colours I would need to stitch out the Disney designs and designs from the machine, It totalled about 60 colours. I couldn’t afford the hemingworth thread in all those colours. And wasn’t sure how to quickly convert all the different codes etc. I was also frustrated that the colours and numbers didn’t match. so ended up getting thread from Temu which had brother numbers which has been ok except for one pink that is a bit neon for what it’s meant to be. Comparing them I can see the hemingworth thread is thinner which gives a smoother higher quality picture which is also nicer against your skin on a gamet. The 6 threads that came in the everything you need pack were also weird colours. Sure black and white are helpful. The orange and green are in lots of designs too. But the ginger and blue don’t seem to match any designs that came with the machine. Also not sure what to do with the thread tension guide. There were no printed instructions. The book referred to it. I don’t even know if I can adjust the bobbin on this machine. I can’t adjust the foot height or the sewing speed, all things the book told me to do. The book also has loads of broken website links that need to be fixed up as it was written several years ago. Instructions on what the 3 spool stand is for would also be helpful. I’ve loved this but my hubby is making me a 10 spool stand as 3 isn’t as efficient as I’d like. Even though I’ve got a lot of suggestions, I am thoroughly enjoying my new machine. Yes I’m still getting used to it and comfortable with it. I’ve been a but distracted exploring and dabbling in the new skill of embroidery. I naievely thought I’d just stitch things out and they’d always be perfect but it really is a skill. I’m keen to do the beginner class. Then get back to sewing garments and my goal of learning garment pattern making.

Great machine

By: Mara on 15 June 2023
This Is my frist embroidery machine and it's been really easy to learn how to use. Absolutely love it

Can't believe I waited so long to upgrade!

By: Phoenix on 20 January 2023
What a beautiful machine to use. I have been a basic hobby sewist since I was a teenager, and my husband figured that after using a very basic Elna Mini for over a decade it was time to get a real machine. I spend a few days going across what I was wanting from a machine, as I have recently gotten into making plush toys. The combination function of Embroidery and Sewing seemed straight forward enough to switch between the two, and I am happy to report that it is an effortless task to change the feet and base over. The embroidery screen is easy to understand, and simple to adjust the settings as required for your activity. Whilst the included Disney designs are nice to have, there is not the depth of variety in them with the majority of them being Mickey and Friends (which, my daughter is thrilled about, but it would have been nice to have seen a catalogue of designs before hand). I cannot wait to continue making more magic with my new Brother, and continue raving about it to anyone who asks me about it.

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