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There are 4 basic must-have stabilizers that can cover virtually every embroidery requirement.

Stabilizer Starter Pack contains:

  • Supersolv Topping –  30cm x 5m  roll
  • Softaway – 30cm x 5m  roll
  • Cutaway –  30cm x 5m  roll
  • Washaway –  30cm x 5m  roll

How to use 

The package label explains what each stabilizer is used for and doubles up as a convenient labeling system for future use. Simply cut the label as instructed and insert it into the cardboard tube of each roll. 

SuperSolv Topping

Echidna SuperSolv Topping effectively holds down the nap of the fabric during embroidery, creating a smooth surface and preventing stitches from sinking down into the fabric.


Echidna Softaway is a multipurpose tearaway stabiliser which is perfect to stabilize your design your designs when embroidering on woven or stable fabrics.


Echidna Cutaway stabilizer is ideal for use with stretchy, non-stable fabrics such as T-shirts, sweatshirts and polar fleece. Cutaway prevents stretch and stabilizes the fabric during the embroidery process. The backing that remains after stitching helps keep the design's shape, even after repeated laundering.


Echidna WashAway stabilizer is ideal for freestanding projects such as lace work and appliqués, Echidna WashAway lends support and stability during embroidery. It is then easily dissolved completely in warm water, leaving only beautiful embroidery behind. Echidna 

Compare stabilizers

Read our stabilizer guide to compare stabilizers and find out which one to use with your project.

Barcode: 785459688206

Essential stabllizer essentials pack

By: Bronwyn on 8 August 2022

Stabilizer Essentials Pack

By: Katrina on 26 April 2022
I have only used the cut-a-way product and works well. Bought it to have a little of each product incase I needed a special product for a project.

Stabilizer Essentials Pack

By: Susan on 7 January 2022
An excellent selection of the most used stabilisers. Great price, great quality, fast delivery. Highly recommended.

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