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Filmoplast is the leading sticky-backed stabilizer made in Neschen, Germany. It is non-heat bonding and ideal for difficult embroidery placements and stabilizing high-stretch fabric or delicate fabrics where frame marks are unwanted.

With adhesive on one side, simply hoop the Filmoplast and place your fabric on top of the hoop to embroider without hoop marks. It's 'no-gumming' tack will also keep your embroidery needle clean, reducing thread breaks. Filmoplast can be used with any hoop.

With fabulous versatility, it can be used with stretch fabrics like t-shirts, polos and materials containing elastane without fabric distortion. Prevent frame marks on delicate fabrics such as velvet, fleece or dark fabric types*. Plus, it's an excellent option for items that cannot be hooped the traditional way or are difficult to hoop, like trouser and shirt pockets, collars, cuffs, ribbons and more.

  • Achieve embroideries on delicate materials without frame marks
  • Master perfect embroideries on small pieces and difficult to hoop items
  • Avoid fabric distortion and complete embroidery on stretch materials
  • Embroider on caps without cap frame

Available in: Small Roll (25m x 50cm) or Large Roll (50cm x 100cm)

Material: Non-woven cellulose, synthetic fibre, solvent-free glue

*Please use Filmoplast with caution on certain fabrics as it can damage the nap of the fabric. We recommend testing a small sample on your chosen fabric first. A floating stabilizer may also be required depending on the fabric you are using.

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Read our stabilizer guide to compare stabilizers and find out which one to use with your project.

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Filmoplast Filmoplast 50cm wide - Per Meter
Filmoplast-Roll Filmoplast 50cm wide - Roll of 25m

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