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This is a handy device that anyone can use to help tame Terrible Tensions. It's affordable, very easy to use and comes complete with instructions. This high quality model has an aluminium housing and is easy to read.

We measure tension in grams and the gauge simply allows you to tie the end of the bobbin thread to the gauge hook and while steadily pulling the device away from the machine towards the operator, the centre plunger will show how many grams of force is required to pull the bobbin thread. This is the measurement we use to set the tension.

Typically, between 30 and 50 grams will work well for most machines. It really is a very simple way to determine if your bobbin tension is within an acceptable range.




Barcode: 785459688299

No More Guessing

By: CAROLYN on 4 February 2023
Great for bobbin tension

A just for machine embroidery sewers

By: Victoria on 10 November 2022
Having found the Echidna video on how to gauge your bobbin tension, I really needed this tool, so I had it shipped from Australia to the UK as I couldn't find anything like it in the UK. Now I can quickly and easily check that my bobbin tension is correct, meaning I can look elsewhere if I'm having problems with my embroidery machine. Very handy tool to have as it gives you reassurance that your bobbin tension is correct.

Thread tension gayge

By: Robyn on 29 December 2021
Fantastic now my embroidery is much more even in stitching out

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