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The Schmetz Embroidery needle features a larger needle eye designed for thicker threads, and special effect or metallic embroidery thread. Its light ball point avoids any damage to both the fabric and thread. Embroidery needles also make it easier to feed the thread through the fabric, with low friction levels, preventing thread breakage. They are an excellent choice for any embroidery project and decorative stitching on a household sewing machine.

Feature: Light ball point, wide eye and groove.

Fabric Use: Use with rayon, polyester and other specialty embroidery threads. The special scarf-widened groove and enlarged eye protect fragile threads and guard against excess friction, allowing trouble-free embroidery and decorative stitching.

Quantity: Five (5) needles per card. 

Various sizes available.

Brand Schmetz
Products available
NE1015 Schmetz Embroidery Needles Assorted Sizes
NE1016 Schmetz Embroidery Needles Size 75/11
NE1017 Schmetz Embroidery Needles Size 90/14

Schmetz Embroidery Needles

By: Joan on 24 August 2023
I find the quality of this brand of needle is always good

Schmitz embroidery needles75/11

By: Doreen on 26 October 2022
I am always satisfied with these needles


By: Sharyn on 30 September 2019
Great needles.

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