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Jersey (Ballpoint) needles have a slightly rounded tip shape with the ability to enter in between the threads of knit fabric, instead of piecing and cutting the threads like a sharp point needle. These needles are suitable for cotton knits, interlock, rib knits, polar fleece, double knits and most knit fabrics and can be used with all domestic sewing machine brands.

Before placing your order, please be sure to choose the correct pack size and quantity of needles per pack. Different sized needles are more suitable for certain projects.

Size 70/11
Light to medium weight knit or stretch fabric.

Size 80/12
Medium to heavy weight knit or stretch fabric.

Size 90/14
Heavy weight knit or stretch fabric.

Are you choosing the right needle? Check out our fabric needle guide to find out what needles you should be using with different fabrics 
Brand TNC
Products available
TNCJER70_10P TNC 70/10 Jersey Needle - 10 Pack
TNCJER80_10P TNC 80/12 Jersey Needle - 10 Pack
TNCJER90_10P TNC 90/14 Jersey Needle - 10 Pack

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