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AlphaTricks is an innovative lettering management system tailored for machine embroidery enthusiasts. Crafted to streamline your creative process, AlphaTricks empowers you to effortlessly generate keyboard fonts from letter collections, universally compatible with all 'BX' font digitizers worldwide. Seamlessly organize, name, sort, and filter fonts, enhancing accessibility and efficiency. Experience faster load times for extensive font libraries while enjoying the flexibility to scale lettering with stitch recalibration.

You may already know, alphabet designs are gorgeous once they've been stitched out, but working with them beforehand can be quite difficult. AlphaTricks will eliminate these difficulties and make using your alphabet designs super fun!

What can you do?

  • NEW Font Library feature enables organizing, filtering, tagging, and managing fonts within extensive collections.
  • NEW Font Cache ensures rapid loading times for even the largest font systems.
  • Create keyboard fonts from letter collections used by all 'BX' font digitizers globally.
  • Efficiently manage fonts by organizing, naming, sorting, and filtering.
  • Reduce load times for large font collections with optimized font caching.
  • Scale lettering with stitch recalculation for precise adjustments.
  • Customize and combine lettering designs with stitch files seamlessly.
  • Access printing options, including templates with the optional Brother/Baby Lock 'snowman' target image.
  • Font Importer functionality maps individual lettering design files into a cohesive keyboard alphabet.
  • Font Sizing allows for size adjustments, envelope modifications, skewing, and stretching with stitch recalibration.
  • Easily integrate lettering designs with traditional embroidery patterns for comprehensive output.

If you love letters and alphabet designs, AlphaTricks is perfect for you! Plus, if you also own Embrilliance Essentials, the two together make an even better experience. 

Opens and saves in: DST, CSD, DSZ EXP+, EXP, HUS, JEF,  PCM, PCS, PES, SEW, SHV, TAP, VP3, VIP and XXX. Opens but does not save in the .ART format.  

NEW AlphaTricks Font Library

The font library is a revolutionary way to manage and organize your embroidery font collection. View, sort, tag, choose by size and type, rename, discard, discover characters per font, location of font files, see fonts in use, and more.

AlphaTricks Font Library

Download an information booklet 

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