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What happens when you combine vintage fonts with traditional warped designs and the most robust text-warping envelope system in machine embroidery? Introducing ACE-1: The Rewind. This compilation comprises 6 meticulously crafted fonts tailored for warping, along with a staggering 316 pre-made envelope layouts ready for your names, phrases, headings, and text!

Please note: To run this module, you will need version 1.176 or later of Embrilliance on your device. This module requires both an install file (fonts and designs) and a serial number.

What does ACE mean?

ACE stands for All-Caps Envelope and signifies that ACE Fonts consist entirely of capital letters, intentionally crafted without ascenders and descenders that typically cause fonts to extend beyond the top and bottom lines of envelope shapes. Additionally, ACE Fonts feature supplementary control points designed to facilitate adherence to the top and bottom lines of any Embrilliance text envelope, thereby improving tracking even with highly intricate shapes.

Easy to Use Templates

ACE-1: The Rewind comes with over 300 templates with specifically made for use with ACE Fonts, categorized by their shape and the number of text lines they can accommodate. To utilize your templates, simply click the Merge Design icon in your toolbar. Then, select the ‘Embrilliace: ACE: The Rewind” under Catalog in the upper left hand corner of your Library dialog box. Once you see the ACE-1: The Rewind library, click the category you’d like to use in the selector at the left, then the select the template/s you want to use on the right. Click the ‘OK’ button at the upper right, and the template will appear on your design page.

Once your template appears, you’ll see that it is populated with example text. Simply select the text you want to change in the Objects tree to the right of the design page, then replace the text with your own in the Text entry area of the ‘Properties’ tab at the bottom right and hit the enter key. Immediately, you’ll see the text snap back into the template shape. From the Properties tab, you can select any ACE font, change colors, and change stitch parameters as you would with any native Embrilliance fonts.

NOTE: These templates will accept any embroidery font installed in the Embrilliance Platform, but you must own Embrilliance Essentials to use envelopes with stitch-based BX fonts. Native fonts that aren’t ACE fonts will also work, but those with variations in height or ascenders and descenders won’t ‘hug the lines’ like the included ACE Fonts.

Stackable Templates

The ‘Stackable’ category of templates allows you to create stacks of envelopes to include as many lines as you can safely fit in your hoop! Stackables differ from the other templates in that you will need to select multiple template designs and arrange them to fit together manually. Each ‘Stackable’ is labeled with a style name to help you select only the designs that belong in the same stack. Simply select the top, lines, and bottom layers that fit together to make up your stack. There are different tops and bottoms for each stack to let you start or end with either middle line shape as you stack your design.

Endlessly Customizable

These templates can be combined endlessly! Place them together to build your own custom layouts. As long as you make sure you never split your envelopes and lettering objects, you can create any configuration. Each envelope has a number in its name, shown on the object tree to the right of the design page. You’ll notice that the first lettering object under an envelope with the same number is the one that fills up that shape. Keep them together and in order, and your multi-template layout will work as expected, even if other templates with the same numbers are on the design page.

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