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A Quick-tip Guide to Multi-positional Hooping

Did you receive a multi-positional hoop with your embroidery machine, such as an NV180, NV180D, F440E, M370, or M380D? Or are you looking at purchasing one separately, and aren’t sure where to start?

Multi-positional hoops are bigger than the embroidery field of your machine, so in order for a design to fit within the sections of this hoop, the design will need to be split and the hoop repositioned, remembering that each section cannot be larger than the embroidery area of your machine. In order to do this, you’ll need to use a digitizing software such as Embrilliance, Hatch, or BuzzEdit.

The steps will differ depending on which digitizing software you own. Below, you’ll find some handy tips on how to split your designs according to whichever software you’re using. Then you can stitch out one section before repositioning the hoop to do the next section.  

Don’t currently own embroidery software? Check out our software page to see what trials and downloads we have on offer, and get a sneak peek of their capabilities.


Embrilliance Essentials and Enthusiast have an in-built patented design splitting technology which automatically splits designs into multiple positions, which are then stitched as separate designs that tile together to make the single, whole design. Note, StitchArtist does not include auto-splitting of designs.


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Available in Composer and Digitizer. Not sure which one to get? Check out our article comparing the two. You can use the great tools in the Multi-Hooping toolbox to split designs into multiple hoopings.


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Buzz Tools has information in their manual, and video tutorials on the topic of splitting oversized embroidery designs for multi-positional hooping. Designs can be split using the auto-splitting function built into the program.


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PE Design 11

In Brother PE-Design, you can create multi-position designs that you can stitch in any multi-position hoop attached to your embroidery machine. It includes options such as optimising the number of times the hoop changes positions.

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Multi-positional hooping opens the door to new and broader creative avenues. If you’re new to it—don’t worry! Once you’ve got your hoop and the software that meets your wants and needs, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.