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Hemingworth® machine embroidery thread combines old-world craftsmanship with new-age technology. The Hemingworth brand delivers exceptional world-class embroidery thread that is not only vibrant and glossy, but strong and colourfast for superb stitching. Its brilliant lustre allows you to create magical embroidery on all your projects. Choose from our huge range of Hemingworth thread in 1000m and 5000m spools, with metallic and variegated spools also available. Complete your machine embroidery and produce stunning results with this brilliant thread.

Choosing colours for your designs and embroidery projects has never been easier with our Hemingworth thread resources:


Our Softlight range carries a beautiful selection of embroidery thread, including mercerised cotton, metallic and glow in the dark. These products are high quality, providing a stunning finish to your machine embroidery. Choose from an array of gorgeous colours available and add new dimension to your projects.

Fine Line Embroidery Thread

Medley Variegated Embroidery Thread

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Hemingworth Conversion Charts

Hemingworth® machine embroidery thread combines old-world craftsmanship with new-age technology. This revolutionary thread 'spool and cap' system has been specially designed to function both as a smooth thread guide and a protective storage solution, while delivering exceptional world-class embroide...

Hemingworth Thread Colour Matches for Kimberbell Fabric

Match your fabric and thread to create flawless projects. Below you will find the matching Hemingworth thread colour to use with Kimberbell Basics fabric . The chosen Hemingworth colour will complement the dominant colour in the fabric. Kimberbell Fabric Hemingworth Thread ...

Hemingworth Thread Colour Matches for Polyester Twill Fabric

To achieve impeccable results in your sewing projects, it's important to ensure that your fabric and thread match perfectly. The following Hemingworth thread color is recommended to complement Polyester Twill fabric . Polyester Twill Fabric Hemingworth Thread ...

Repurpose your Hemingworth Thread Cap

Do you dislike being wasteful and throwing away your used Hemingworth embroidery thread spool caps ? You can now buy Hemingworth Embroidery Thread without the cap so that you can reuse your old ones. However, if you have excess spool caps sitting around or that were going to be thrown out, get c...