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Rasant patchwork, sewing and quilting thread

Rasant 120

Rasant sewing thread is a 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton, providing excellent sewability and high performance. Featuring a smooth and textile surface, it's fantastic for closing and top-stitching seams, dressmaking, quilting and a wide range of other applications.

Download Rasant thread colour chart (PDF)

Gutermann Sew-All Recycled Thread

As a leading manufacturer of sewing threads worldwide, Gutermann provides high quality, sustainable, innovative products. Their passion and outstanding expertise have driven them to produce a range of fabulous sewing threads that not only provide outstanding results, but are also environmentally friendly. Choose from their range of Sew-All 100% recycled thread for your projects today!


Serafil is a sewing and embroidery thread made from polyester continuous filament. With a smooth, glossy surface and a consistent thread character, Serafil displays a very high breaking strength and abrasion resistance. Serafil is eco-friendly and water-repellent making it a wonderful choice of thread to use for outdoor projects. 

Recycled PET Thread Explained

Sustainability is an important topic that has gained traction in recent years. While it has become more of a priority, most people are yet to take the next step in living a more sustainable lifestyle. Every one of us has the ability to be more eco-friendly, and it's not about sacrificing the thing...