Hemingworth embroidery and decorative stitches thread

Hemingworth® machine embroidery thread combines old-world craftsmanship with new-age technology. This revolutionary thread 'spool and cap' system has been specially designed to function both as a smooth thread guide and a protective storage solution, while delivering exceptional world-class embroidery thread that is not only vibrant and glossy, but strong and colourfast for superb stitching. You can choose from our huge range of Hemingworth thread with metallic and variegated spools also available. Complete your machine embroidery and produce stunning results with this brilliant thread. View thread conversion charts or learn more

Choosing the colours for your designs and embroidery projects has never been easier with our Hemingworth thread colour chart with actual thread samples. Order your colour card today.

1,000m spools

5,000m spools

700m metallic spools

Variegated spools

The clever, quality design paves the way for efficient embroidery and eliminates the age-old challenges that come with storing and using traditional thread spools with modern embroidery machines:

  • The protective cap preserves thread quality by blocking dust, oil and other harmful elements.
  • The removable stopper traps thread, preventing unraveling and tangling during storage.
  • The protective cap delivers thread smoothly off the spool during embroidery—reducing snags and thread breaks.
  • Each Poly/Select spool can be positioned in multiple directions, resulting in a smooth feed every time.
  • The embroidery thread is strong, vibrant, glossy and colourfast and available in a wide range of colours.

Hemingworth® 75/2 weight filament bobbin fill is available black and white 1,500 metre spools and a spiral-bound Hemingworth colour card is also available to order.

Thread conversion charts

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