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Softlight Corespun Thread Colour Matches for Polyester Twill Fabric

To achieve impeccable results in your sewing projects, it's important to ensure that your fabric and thread match perfectly. The following Softlight Corespun Thread color is recommended to complement Polyester Twill fabric.

Polyester Twill Fabric Softlight Corespun Thread
C1 Racing Red CS1-008
C2 Deep Sea CS1-143
C3 Happy Yellow CS1-051
C4 Cherry CS1-063
C5 Calm Grey CS1-006
R7 Space CS1-001
R9 Maroon CS1-067
Polyester Twill Fabric Softlight Corespun Thread
R10 Clear White CS1-002
R13 Dark Chocolate CS1-007
R14 Coffee Break CS1-047
R15 Dust Storm CS1-039
R16 Jungle Green CS1-010
R17 Sangria CS1-071
R18 Warm White CS1-002