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CoreSpun Poly/Cotton thread is an excellent choice for all your sewing projects, offering the best of both worlds with its polyester filament wrapped in cotton. Not only does it provide the durability and strength of polyester, but also the exceptional sewability and feel of cotton.

This thread boasts impressive stitch formation, less static interference, and is not susceptible to the stretching issues that pure polyester threads encounter. You can sew with confidence, knowing that puckering and fabric displacement will be less of a concern. Additionally, the spool's cone design ensures optimal thread delivery, making your sewing experience even better.

Machine embroidery applications
Did you know, Softlight Poly/cotton corespun doubles as an excellent alternative to traditional polyester or rayon machine embroidery threads where a natural, matte finish is required? It’s ideal for in-the-hoop quilting projects and even delicate free-standing lace where an heirloom look and soft hand is desired. Suitable for use on both the needle and bobbin, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the stunning results.

Take advantage of the flexibility and longevity, as well as the natural look and feel of these threads!

Colour: 063

Barcode: 7427270363001

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