Hemingworth Pre-Packed 15 Thread Set

The set comes presented in a solid white cardboard box. It's perfect for permanent storage of the threads or as a gift box.

All hemingworth spools come complete with the patent pending spool, cap and stopper system. 15 popular colours, each spool contains 1000 metres (except bobbin – 1500m) of hi-sheen polyester embroidery thread.

This amazing thread is 100% colourfast, soft and supple with superb stitching results – giving a brilliant lustre.

Suitable for stitching machine embroidery designs and built-in decorative machine stitches.

Colours include:

  • Classic Black #1000
  • Pure White #1001
  • Orange Slice #1025
  • Primrose #1034
  • Ecru #1056
  • Nautical Blue #1076
  • Green Apple #1091
  • Teddybear Brown #1130
  • Peach Pastel #1170
  • Brilliant Blue #1204
  • Sunshine Yellow #1226
  • Meadow #1248
  • Summer Sky #1257
  • Dark Purple #1269
  • Christmas Red #1270

Hemingworth Thread Set


Brand Hemingworth
Shipping Weight 0.9000kg

I have discovered the jewel of threads

By: Josh G on 16 September 2019
I purchased my first spool of thread from you and received it yesterday. When I opened the package and saw the quality of the thread I was mesmerized as I held it, the sun caught it and it sparkled. I looked carefully at the thread as I fed it through the various loops in my 1956 singer machine and realized this was no ordinary thread, this thread was different to anything I have ever used. Now, being a male (no excuse), apart from std thread and poly or even nylon thread I thought all sewing threads were the same. Oh how wrong I was, it would seem I have discovered the jewel of threads. Yes it is expensive, but the shimmering colour when the light catches this thread seems to take me back to my childhood when colours seemed new to you almost like when you tasted your first raspberry cordial or for some it was lime. I enjoy sewing, it helps me think. Now I love it more. Thank you.

Hemingworth thread box set

By: Lynette on 13 September 2019
Amazing range of colour and the only thread that doesn’t break in my embroidery machine. Great value for money

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