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As the name suggests, this simply stunning thread is ever so soft (unlike the harshness often found in other metallic threads).

Create subtle highlights with SoftLight™ and bring your embroidery designs to life. This soft and fine thread truly adds a new dimension to your embroidered masterpiece.

Softlight™ thread has been developed using Japanese Metallic Film and with 32 stunning shades currently available and each cone consisting of 1500 metres (1640 yds) of 40 weight thread, you are sure to find just the right colours to bring your embroidery to life. Search for Gary in the Echidna Embroidery Community to view a photo of the shirt he wore to the Echidna Convention, which has been embroidered using Softlight™ thread. Please click on the above image for a larger view.

Download a Softlight Thread Brochure here.


Brilliant Thread

By: Judith on 8 July 2020
No special treatment, just place on thread holder, thread machine and away you go. No breakages, was sewing a large area with this thread, it preformed beautifully.

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