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Your guide to Brother presser feet and accessories

Use this list to quickly browse Brother's full range of presser feet, attachments and machine accessories and find out what each part is used for. We'll happily order in any part you can't find in our online shop.

Use this list to quickly browse Brother's full range of presser feet, attachments and machine accessories and find out what each part is used for. We'll happily order in any part you can't find in our online shop—simply call us on 1800 000 360 to place your order.

For pictures, order codes and to check if a part is compatible with your machine, view all Brother Accessories here.

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Presser feet for general sewing

  • Adjustable zipper/piping foot—for easier attaching of zippers and piping tapes
  • Bi-level foot (Right/Left) - for finishing seams of thick materials folded over to one side
  • Binding Buttonhole foot 1/2 - For making buttonhole
  • Blind stitch foot—adjustable for creating blind hems on a variety of fabrics
  • Concealed zipper foot—for easy installation of concealed zippers
  • Edge joining foot—for easy joining of two pieces of fabric or attach lace or trim
  • Narrow hemmer foot—for narrow rolled hemming
  • Narrow zipper foot—this presser foot is useful for attaching various kinds of zippers
  • Non stick foot—for fabrics which may stick to the bottom of the foot such as leather
  • Overlock foot—for creating overlock seams
  • Picot foot—for shell stitch effect while creating a hem
  • Piping foot—for easier attaching of piping tape
  • Roller foot—for sewing specialty fabrics such as vinyl and leather without leaving marks on the fabric
  • Seam guide—for guiding fabric edge with an accurate 1/4", 1/2" or 5/8" (approx 6.5, 13 or 16mm) seam
  • Side cutter—for cutting, trimming and sewing in one operation
  • Stitch guide foot—for precise topstitching from fabric edge
  • Stitch in the ditch foot—for sewing quilt bindings or concealed seams on clothes
  • Straight stitch foot—for straight stitch sewing (with needle in center position)
  • Straight stitch foot and straight stitch needle plate—for perfect straight stitching when sewing thin fabrics etc.
  • Vertical stitch alignment foot—the marked ruler lets you measure the distance from the needle
  • Zigzag foot—for utility stitches, especially useful to promote perfect feed on thick fabrics when to start sewing
  • Adapter for low shank—for fitting optional feet on sewing machines with a low shank

Presser feet for decorative embellishment

  • Adjustable binder foot—for Attaching various width bias tape from 3/16" (5mm) to 3/4" (20mm)
  • Binding foot—for attaching one-inch wide bias tape (folds and sews tapes simultaneously)
  • Braiding foot—to attach braiding includes adjustment screw for varying heights of braiding
  • Candlewicking foot—for sewing candlewick stitch
  • Clear-view foot—for optimum visibility while sewing
  • Cording foot—to attach three or less cords or decorative threads
  • Cording foot (5-hole)—for cording work with 5 cords
  • Cording foot (7-hole)—for cording work with 7 cords
  • Couching foot—to create decorative yarn embellishment with free-motion sewing
  • Fringe foot—creates dimensional thread loops on the top surface of the fabric and attaches fringe simultaneously
  • Gathering foot—to gather one or two layers of lightweight fabric (two layers of fabric can be sewn together and gathered simultaneously)
  • Needle felting attachment—you can apply embellishments to fabric by piercing yarn or wool with special needles.
  • Open toe foot—to attach appliqué motifs (choose from metal or clear plastic)
  • Pearls and sequins foot—to attach pearls, sequins or beading to fabrics
  • Pin tuck foot (7 grooves)—for making pin tucks in varying widths with/without cord
  • 5 grooves pin tuck foot—for making pin tucks with larger intervals
  • Pin tuck foot (5 grooves)—for making pin tuck with/without cords
  • Ruffler foot—creates ruffles and pleats in varying depths and fullness (can attach and create simultaneously)

Presser feet for Quilting

  • 1/4 inch piecing foot—for quilt and patchwork piecing with 1/4" or 1/8" seam allowance
  • 1/4 inch piecing foot with guide—for sewing an accurate 1/4" (6.4mm) or 1/8" (3.2mm) seam allowance
  • Quilting guide—to set precise distance from one point to another
  • Open to quilting foot—the opening on the foot gives you wide visibility
  • Quilting foot—spring action foot for darning, quilting or free-motion embroidery
  • Dynamic walking foot set
  • Walking foot—for sewing or quilting on fabrics which stick or tend to slip. Useful for sewing multiple layers as in quilting
  • Open toe walking foot—the open front gives you greater visibility
  • Creative quilting foot—provides a variety of quilting possibilities
  • Quilting accessory set—includes useful sewing feet for quilting
  • Free motion guide grip—guide grip keeps the fabric taut and helps as you sew free motion embroidery

General sewing accessories

  • Bobbins (10pcs)—11.5mm (7/16") in height
  • Bobbins and bobbin clips—10 bobbins and bobbin clips that keep thread from unwinding
  • Bobbin work kit—sew 3-dimensional designs using decorative threads in your bobbin
  • Circular attachment—sew in circular designs with a guide for measuring and sewing with a variety of decorative stitches
  • Creative sewing pack—includes 5 kind of useful sewing feet
  • 5 foot embellishment pack—to enhance your creative possibilities as you sew
  • Dual feed—dual feed foot enhances fabric control on top and underside of your fabrics as you sew
  • Open toe dual feed foot—the open toe provides expanded visibility of the needle area
  • Couching dual feed foot—easy to sew heavy fabrics in straight line with dual feed
  • Stitch in the ditch dual feed foot—the fabric can be smoothly fed when sewing quilt bindings or concealed seams on clothes
  • Dual feed 1/4 inch guide foot—the fabric can be smoothly fed while piecing with a uniform seam allowance
  • Dual feed quilting guide—the fabric can be smoothly fed while sewing stitching at equal intervals
  • Edge sewing sheet—provides proper alignment with the edge sewing feature
  • Adjustable knee lifter—can raise and lower the presser foot with your knee
  • King spool thread stand—lets you set two large spool threads
  • Multi-function foot controller—various sewing machine operations can be performed
  • Multi-purpose screwdriver—you can rotate the position of the driver and use for multi purpose
  • Wide table—for better fabric measuring and handling during sewing and quilting
  • Wide table and free-motion guide grip

Embroidery accessories

  • PE-DESIGN 11—turn your idea into embroidery with PE-DESIGN software
  • PE-DESIGN PLUS2—basic digitizing and easy embroidery work
  • Embroidery thread sets—satin finish embroidery sets (40/21/12 colors) and Country thread sets (40/22 colors)
  • Bobbin threads—for best embroidery results, use the appropriate machine embroidery bobbin thread
  • Prewound embroidery bobbin threads
  • Iron-on backing stabilizer (28 x 100cm (11" x 1yd), 3 pcs)
  • Water soluble stabilizer (non-woven fabric 30 x 150cm 1pc)
  • Water soluble stabilizer (28 x 300cm (11" x 3.3yd), 1pc)
  • Luminaire XP1 Software Upgrade Premium Pack I - Includes extra-large square embroidery frame and enhanced auto-spilt quilt sashing
  • Luminaire XP1 Software Upgrade Premium Pack II - Additional decorative fills, enhanced auto-quilt sashing features, more embroidery patterns, plus End point stickers
  • Magnetic Sash Frame - -Fabric can be easily and firmly secured in the frame for embroidering
  • Magnifying Lens - Easily change magnification by switching from single to double layers
  • End point sticker - This sticker is for specifying the sewing end point
  • Dream Machine XV8500D Software Upgrade Premium Pack I—includes square embroidery hoop and My Design Center upgrade
  • Dream Machine XV8550D, XV8500D, XV Software Upgrade Premium Pack II—time saving presser foot function and additional embroidery designs
  • V-Series Software Upgrade Premium Pack I—expanded embroidey area to 12" x 8" (300 x 200mm) and additional frames with program update
  • V-Series Software Upgrade Premium Pack II—time saving presser foot function and additional decorative stitches
  • Embroidery positioning sticker (504 stickers)—makes design placement easy
  • Embroidery card reader—can use Brother embroidery card collections
  • Embroidery foot with LED pointer—can adjust the needle position accurately with LED pointer
  • Embroidery frames—embroidery hoops in a variety of sizes to suit different applications (see brochure)
  • Border frame—simplifies process of making borders
  • Square embroidery frame—an ideal size for embroidering on clothing, quilting squares, etc
  • 10 spool thread stand—sets up 10 spools of thread
  • Protective sheet—protect the sewing machine from being scratched

Presser feet for professional use sewing machines (PQ Series)

  • Spring action guide—use these compensating feet in 3 sizes (2mm, 5mm and 8mm) to hold fabrics for edge-stitching and topstitching
  • Gathering foot—to gather fabric for garment and home decorating applications
  • Heavyweight foot—for sewing on heavier or thicker fabrics
  • Very narrow foot—for tight corners, working up against a ridge, or other similar situations
  • Needle felting attachment—creates beautiful surface embellishment on fabric with wool roving, yarns

Presser feet and accessories for overlockers and sergers

  • Blind stitch foot—for trimming edges, finishing and hemming in one operation
  • Gathering foot—for gathering and sewing in one operation
  • Pearls and sequins foot—to attach pearls and sequins up to 5mm in diameter to fabric
  • Piping foot—for sewing piping and two fabrics together
  • Taping foot—to attach tapes and elastic to stretch fabrics up to 12mm in width
  • Wide table—for better fabric handling during sewing and quilting

Attachments for coverstitch machines

  • Belt loop guide—to make belt loops or straps of 11mm (1/2") wide
  • Bias tape folder—for folding and attaching 12mm (1/2") wide bias tapes
  • Double fold binder—for making and attaching 12mm (1/2") tape in one operation
  • Dual function fold binder—for making and attaching 8mm (5/16") tape in one operation
  • Bias tape binding set—for folding and attaching 6mm(1/4") or 12mm (1/2") bias tapes to fabric edge
  • Hemming set—to make single or double fold hems
  • Top stitching foot set—for decorative top stitching

How to use each presser foot

Watch our video playlist and learn how to use each of the diffferent presser feet in the Brother range.