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Now you can enjoy your quilting, couching, and embroidery even more with the Brother 254mm x 254mm (10" x 10") Magnetic Frame. Secure your material without residual hoop marks, including thick fabrics, with four magnets that slide into place.

Hoop in a jiffy, and rehoop without removing it from your machine. You can make changes to your projects so much quicker! This magnetic frame is versatile and great for larger garments or items that have plenty of room at the back of the hoop.

  • Includes: 4pcs of long magnets, 4pcs of short magnets & 1 tool for removing the magnets

Barcode: 4977766823241

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Brother 254mm x 254mm Magnetic Frame

By: Gayle on 19 July 2023
I found this an easy frame to hoop embroidery blocks and to quilt the final quilt sandwich. Easy to move to each quilting position in combination with the Luminaire built-in camera. Doesn't leave pressure marks on the fabric, which I tend to get with the clamp style hoops.

Very good - so easy to hoop.

By: Rachael on 29 December 2022
Magnetic hoops make towels and thick items very easy to prepare for embroidery now. Very expensive but buy once, cry once.

Agnetic hoop 10” x 10’

By: Fay on 28 December 2022
The hoop looks great and I am certain i will use it a lot. But at this time of the year, my sewing has had to take a back seat. (With visitors and travelling, No sewing!)

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