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The Brother F058 7 Groove Pin Tuck Foot is a presser foot that allows you to create beautiful pin tucks and corded pin tucks on lightweight fabrics. Pin tucks are narrow folds of fabric that are stitched in place, creating a decorative effect. Corded pin tucks are pin tucks that have a thin cord inserted inside them, adding more texture and dimension.

To use this foot, you need to install and manually thread a twin needle. The presser foot has 7 grooves that guide the twin needle and help you to make perfect and even pin tucks. You can also use the specially designed bobbin cover that comes with the presser foot to sew corded pin tucks. Simply insert a thin cord into the bobbin cover and sew along the cord with the twin needle.

This foot is ideal for sewing pin tucks on shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, curtains, pillows, and other home decorating projects. You can also combine different widths and directions of pin tucks to create unique patterns and designs.

  • Includes pin tuck foot and rounded bobbin cover


  1. Install and manually thread a twin needle.
  2. Draw a reference line to guide your first row of stitching and use that to sew the first row in the centre position.
  3. Further rows can be evenly spaced by placing the completed row in one of the grooves.
  4. Sew slowly for most consistent results.
  5. Includes bobbin cover plate for corded pintucks.

Barcode: 4977766638104

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