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These easy-to-use adhesive backed markers make positioning even easier.

This unique positioning marker is placed on hooped fabric so the InnovEye™ Technology can capture the exact positioning for the embroidery. Markers are removable and semi-reusable.

Pack includes: 8 sheets (504 markers)

These adhesive backed markers should not be reproduced or reprinted as they are made to exact specifications and the use of copies may affect the InnovEye™ Technology's capability to properly sense the markers.

For Use With:

  • PR1000
  • PR1000e
  • PR1050X
  • PR1055X
  • XV8550D Dream Machine
  • Innov-is 6000D
  • Innov-is 6700D
  • Innov-is 6750D
  • XP Luminaire
  • XJ1
  • XE1

Embroidery repositioning stickers

By: Beryl on 15 March 2024
Prompt delivery, thank you looking forward to using them.

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